Chen Wei thought about it and decided to quit the restaurant. He had to make the Japanese chef quit. Soon the news spread, and media reporters rushed to interview Ozawa how Kotaro would respond. At this time, Tan Yaoheng and Chen Wei were very proud and happy. Tan Yaoheng said that even if he had stopped writing for a long time, his influence would still exist. Next, it would depend on how Ozawa Kotaro takes over.

Sanguo Youxi discovered that many of the medicines sold by Chen Shanhe were not chilling pills. Chen Shanhe explained that they were to protect chilling pills. After all, many people now boycott chilling pills in the name of patriotism. As a result, Sanguo Youxi had nothing to say and could only acquiesce in his approach.

On the other hand, Ozawa Kotaro took the initiative to go to Liao Siliu and complained to him that he was threatened by Chen Wei. When Liao Siliu learned that Chen Wei had returned to Guangzhou, he had a vague suspicion in his mind. He led his men to search Chen Shanhe's house. A group of policemen stared at Chen Shanhe's money, eager to take it for themselves. But Liao Siliu didn't let them take it. Instead, he reminded Chen Shanhe to tell Chen Wei if he saw him. What he challenged was not Japanese food, but Liao Siliu's face.

Shopkeeper Sun saw the second half of the recipe on the banner and determined that Chen Wei was the comrade they wanted to contact. Everyone else found it incredible, but shopkeeper Sun thought it was very possible because Chen Wei had scolded Wang Jingwei in his early years and had strong patriotic feelings. , is likely to be organizationally absorbed in Hong Kong. Because there was a cooking competition in three days, shopkeeper Sun asked them to memorize the second half of the recipe and contact Chen Wei through the secret code.

Tan Miaomiao felt that the matter of kicking out the gym was too dangerous, so she tried to persuade Tan Yaoheng to give up but was rejected. She asked Chen Wei to move out, but Tan Yaoheng did not agree. It was obvious that Tan Miaomiao seemed to have something on his mind. After thinking about it carefully, Tam Yaoheng understood his daughter's concerns and comforted her not to worry.

Before the game, Tan Yaoheng and Chen Wei discussed countermeasures. Chen Wei asked Tan Yaoheng to help keep an eye on a person. If that person could tell the second half of Baihua Stuffed Duck Feet, he would try his best to follow the other person. Tan Yaoheng suddenly realized it, and at Chen Wei's request, he agreed to his request.

Tan Yaoheng deliberately mentioned the preparation method of Baihua Stuffed Duck Feet at the scene. A man named Dong Kun told the second half of the recipe of Baihua Stuffed Duck Feet. After hearing this, Liao Siliu realized that this might be the Communist Party's secret code, and immediately Send someone to follow. Chen Wei stopped the police officers throughout the process and successfully handed the baggage to Dongkun. However, in the end the baggage was in the hands of Tan Miaomiao, which made him doubt the identity of the other party.

Liao Siliu reported the incident to Ruan Feizhou, and later found Chen Shanhe and threatened to arrest Chen Wei in order to blackmail him for money. Chen Shanhe invited Sanguo Youxi to use his identity as Sanguo Youxi to suppress Liao Siliu and put an end to Liao Siliu's wild ambitions. In addition, Chen Shanhe is willing to give Sanguo Youxi each 5% of the shares. At that time, Liao Siliu will be in charge of the city, Sanguo Youxi will be in charge of the outside, and Chen Shanhe will be in charge of pharmaceuticals and medicines. The three of them will each perform their own duties and earn money through cooperation. Big money.

Due to the invasion of the Japanese invaders, many villages were destroyed and all ten houses were empty. No one could even be found to listen to the opera. The members of Chen Lixia's opera troupe were starving, but Chen Lixia still led everyone to sing opera for the refugees. When Jin Huirong heard the drumbeat of Liang Hongyu's play, she ran over immediately, and sure enough she saw her junior sister appearing on the stage.

The two looked at each other from a distance, their thoughts day and night turned into tears, and they poured out their endless love in the woods and on the top of the mountain. However, the time they met was always short-lived, and Chen Lixia and Jin Huirong still had to separate. In order to successfully escort the theater troupe away, Jin Huirong and Kuang Qingkui led their team members to stop the Japanese army.

Chen Shanhe delivered medicine out of the city, and Liao Siliu told Mai Kun to confirm the flow of the medicine. Not long after, the Japanese raided the guerrilla camp and found a large amount of medicine. The Japanese commander was furious at a group of Japanese officers and Ruan Feizhou, scolding them for their failure to arrest anti-Japanese organizations and for allowing drugs to flow out.

Ruan Feizhou took the initiative to ask Ying to investigate the matter thoroughly. He had already guessed that Liao Siliu was covering up, so he warned him in disguise not to give up his great career for petty profits. If he could find evidence to deal with Chen Shanhe, he could own the entire pharmacy. Chen Shanhe realized that he was going to be found out, and even San Guo Youxi suspected him, so he used his plan to make an agreement with San Guo Youxi, making him understand that if he could not keep his partners, he would be in trouble. Chen Shanhe was captured by the gendarmerie. Sanguo Youxi personally pressured and ordered Chen Shanhe to be released. Ruan Feizhou could only obey orders due to his identity.


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