Since Chen Wei left Guangzhou, Tan Yaoheng lived in Uncle Die's vegetable boat, and he often had disagreements with Uncle Die over the dishes. Chen Wei took the initiative to visit Tan Yaoheng and Uncle Die. Tan Yaoheng was pleasantly surprised. The two had not seen each other for a long time. They were hugging each other with thousands of words and missed the delicious food of the past.

The Japanese military police deliberately framed Chen Shanhe for hiding cigarettes and took him away without saying a word. Ruan Feizhou pretended to be a good guy and forced Chen Shanhe to hand over Nanlu Pharmacy on the condition of letting him leave Guangzhou. Chen Shanhe guessed that this matter was related to Sanguo Youxi, Ruan Feizhou said all good things for Sanguo Youxi, and finally Chen Shanhe was forced to agree to Ruan Feizhou's conditions.

Then Chen Shanhe took Mikuni Taro away without saying a word and drove him to Xu Nanlu in a carriage. This was to treat the other person with his own way. Xu Nanlu understood what Chen Shanhe meant, so he had to entrust the villagers to help look after Mikuni Taro first. On the other hand, Sanguo Youxi couldn't find his son, so he led people to surround the medicine shop and threatened them to hand over Sanguo Taro.

Liao Siliu persuaded Sanguo Youxi to calm down first. First of all, he did not have any evidence that Chen Shanhe had taken away his son. Secondly, even if Chen Shanhe really took away his son, for the sake of his son's safety, he should not be so alarming. He should beg the other party nicely not to quarrel. It was under Liao Siliu's reminder that Sanguo Youxi had to leave first.

Chen Shanhe followed Xu Nanlu to visit the wounded guerrillas and decided to stay and study medicine with him. Xu Nanlu thought about it again and again, but still suggested that Chen Shanhe return to Nanlu Pharmacy. As long as he maintained a patriotism, he could fight against Japan no matter where he was, not to mention that he still needed to find a way to help the guerrillas solve the problem of drug shortage. Listening to Xu Nanlu's words, Chen Shanhe fell into deep thought.

Because the contact person of Kapok Restaurant was killed, the underground party lurking in Guangzhou was unable to contact Chen Wei directly. At the critical moment, the superior appointed a liaison person to come to Guangzhou, and this person was Tan Yaoheng's daughter Tan Miaomiao. She accepted the task of being a messenger from the party organization and returned to Guangzhou to lie dormant to accumulate strength and be ready at any time.

Tan Miaomiao knew that her house had been occupied by the Japanese, so she followed her father and Chen Wei to Caiting where they were temporarily staying. After looking around, she felt that Caiting was inconvenient and wanted to move out. Chen Wei spent money to rent a two-story house and set up a clothes drying pole according to Tan Miaomiao's request. While he lived with Tan Yaoheng downstairs, he unexpectedly discovered that Tan Miaomiao was a gourmet connoisseur.

That night, Sanguo Youxi looked sadly at the ball left by his son. Suddenly he heard his son's voice outside the door. Sure enough, Chen Shanhe came in with Sanguo Taro. Chen Shanhe told Sanguo Youxi that he had not realized the essence of the phrase "coexistence and common prosperity". If he was willing to cooperate with him, it would be mutual benefit.

The teams of Jin Huirong and Kuang Qingkui were exhausted by the Japanese army and had reached the point of running out of ammunition and food. Jin Huirong observed that there was a small village nearby and there were many gunners guarding the high walls around it. In order to let the guerrillas rest as soon as possible, he took the risk to meet with the village chief and successfully persuaded the village chief to take them in and give them food. The village chief even took out scarce medicine. After eating, Kuang Qingkui and Jin Huirong helped the villagers lure the Japanese troops away.

Chen Shanhe privately asked Xu Lianzhong to collect medicinal materials for Xu Nanlu as soon as possible, and also asked him about the origin of Heitantou. Xu Lianzhong said that Heitantou was the nickname of Yang Yin, who was also a worker of Chen Liji and had also established a Communist Party trade union. Nanlu Pharmacy was renamed Heji Ancient Fangfa Lengwan Co., Ltd., and was officially opened for business under the co-chairmanship of Sanguo Youxi and Chen Shanhe.

However, the workers went on strike collectively, saying that the pharmacy must not fall into the hands of the Japanese. Chen Shanhe was very helpless about this, saying that he was the major shareholder of Nanlu Pharmacy, and in order to ensure that everyone had work and food, only Only by living well can you have the strength to risk your life. Finally, Chen Shanhe moved out Mr. Xu Lianzhong and used his credibility to temporarily stabilize the workers.


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