Zhang Taiping explained something to Chen Lixia and then went out. Holding the buttons left by Chen Yebing tightly in his hand, he deliberately put aside the apprentice who was following him and went to the Military Police Reporting Department alone. Because of Chen Yebing's death, Zhang Taiping was filled with grief and anger, and wanted to die with Ruan Feizhou, but was eventually killed by Liao Siliu and Ruan Feizhou. Chen Lixia hurried over and saw the whole process. She was very emotional. Chen Shanhe was worried that his sister would be implicated, so he took her away by force.

The atrocities committed by the Japanese invaders aroused the anger of colleagues in Guangzhou's Cantonese opera circles and even the people of the city. Taking the trumpet played by Jin Huirong as a signal, the Guangdong underground party launched a large-scale anti-Japanese propaganda offensive and distributed leaflets exposing the atrocities of the Japanese invaders to the people of the city. The arrogance of the Japanese invaders.

Chen Shanhe wore a mask and shot and killed several Japanese led by Matsumoto, and then went to meet Jin Huirong alone. Jin Huirong said that Chen Lixia was unwilling to leave because the master handed the bag to Chen Lixia before leaving, and it was all the master's hard work. Taking over the bag was equivalent to taking over the theater team. But Chen Shanhe cared about all this and only wanted to protect Chen Lixia's safety. Jin Huirong promised to take her out of Guangzhou as soon as possible.

Chen Wei, who was far away in Hong Kong, learned that something happened at home, and immediately resigned from Huang Qiquan and Mai Xiaowen to return to Guangzhou. Huang Qiquan gave Chen Wei a sum of money, and Mai Xiaowen also issued the latest mission to Chen Wei. On the other hand, Uncle Cai gave his only red boat to Chen Lixia because he also wanted to protect the remaining members of the troupe.

When Ruan Feizhou arrived at the theater, the building was already deserted, and he quickly remembered that there was a red boat at the pier. Before Chen Lixia left Guangzhou with the troupe, Chen Shanhe told Chen Lixia to pay attention to safety. By the time Ruan Feizhou and Liao Siliu arrived at the dock, only the retreating shadow of the red boat was left on the river.

This operation was carried out without informing Kuang Qingkui. Kuang Qingkui believed that the Communist Party headed by Jin Huirong had stolen the limelight of his anti-Japanese war, and gradually developed a rift with Jin Huirong. Chen Wei returned to Guangzhou mainly for two things. One was to determine whether Chen Shanhe had become a traitor; the other was to successfully escort the radio station to Guangzhou.

However, when Chen Wei came to the Kapok Restaurant, the meeting place, he felt something was wrong as soon as he sat down, and the atmosphere was particularly strange. Especially when Chen Wei tasted the food at Kapok Restaurant and realized that the chef who had given the secret message was killed, he quickly put down his money and left quickly with the box, thus causing the ambush set by the Japanese to escape.

Liao Siliu quickly found out that the person who wanted to kill Chen Shanhe was Sanguo Youxi. At first, Chen Shanhe didn't want to believe it. It wasn't until Liao Siliu mentioned the drug store's quota that he realized that the Japanese were ambitious and could only benefit themselves. Repay kindness with hatred. Similarly, Ruan Feizhou also knew that Sanguo Youxi wanted to kill Chen Shanhe, but Sanguo Youxi admitted that he felt that Chen Shanhe did not sincerely surrender to the Japanese, and also blocked his way to make money.

Sanguo Youxi asked Ruan Feizhou to help get rid of Chen Shanhe. As an exchange meeting, he provided clues for the guerrillas to purchase Western medicine. On the other side, Kuang Qingkui proudly told Jin Huirong that he had purchased a batch of Western medicine. Jin Huirong was worried that something would happen. Sure enough, the Japanese found their location and caused considerable losses.

At the Kapok Restaurant outside Guangzhou, Liao Siliu heard his subordinate report that a guest had disappeared, and he was keenly aware that there was something wrong with this person. Chen Lixia led the troupe to make a living everywhere, but the Kuomintang snatched the red boat halfway, leaving them with nowhere to go but to stay in the local villages and towns.

Chen Shanhe was surprised to see his younger brother when he returned home. Chen Wei personally cooked a large table of food. When the two brothers talked about their parents, Chen Shanhe said that if their parents were alive in heaven, they would certainly hope that they would fulfill their parents' last wishes and fight for the freedom of all Chinese people. Chen Shanhe knew what his brother meant and responded sincerely that he would never be a traitor.

Chen Wei learned through his elder brother that Tan Yaoheng was not doing well now, so he went to Caiting to find him. Tan Yaoheng was overjoyed to see Chen Wei and hugged each other tightly, which made the vegetable boat owner a little moved. The Japanese raided Chen Shanhe's medicine shop and took him away for hiding cigarettes. Chen Shanhe realized that this matter was related to the Three Kingdoms Youxi.


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