Chen Shanhe prepared to sell the upcoming opening quota to Chinese drug dealers, but these drug dealers made irresponsible remarks. On the one hand, they believed that he was seeking death by competing with the Japanese, and on the other hand, they despised him and the Japanese. Cooperate and seek skin from the tiger. Although everyone angrily and passionately condemned Chen Shanhe, they did not delay the business at all. After scolding him, they privately asked Chen Shanhe for quotations.

However, Chen Shanhe saw clearly the shameless faces of this group of people, and would not give them the quota for nothing. Instead, he would sell it to Chinese drug dealers at a high price and make profits from it. Although the drug dealer was reluctant and cursed in his heart, in order to support his family, he could only spend money to buy indicators. Sanguo Youxi reminded Chen Shanhe not to delay the Association for the Promotion of Medicine when doing business. Chen Shanhe and Sanguo Youxi discussed that they would each have jurisdiction over Chinese and Japanese businessmen, not interfere with each other, and make money together.

Zhang Taiping took the initiative to visit Uncle Cai. He could understand Uncle Cai's helplessness and sadness of being forced to become a traitor, but too many people looked at the surface and did not understand his difficulties at all. Uncle Cai emphasized that he was really not a traitor and had never done anything to harm the Chinese. However, since he worked for the Japanese, he had been alienated by many old acquaintances.

Since the Japanese stipulate that before a play starts, the script must be sent for review first, so Zhang Taiping asked Uncle Cai for help, but Uncle Cai was afraid of Ruan Feizhou and said he was powerless. It was precisely because of Ruan Feizhou's deliberate difficulties that Chen Yebing's script was not approved. Without filming, he had no money to maintain the theater. Zhang Taiping wanted to find Chen Lixia, but Chen Yebing objected.

When Ruan Feizhou saw the play script submitted by the Star Catching Girl Troupe, he approved it without hesitation and asked them to add their favorite songs to the play. Chen Yebing stated that he would rather disband the troupe than add such a dirty tune. Seeing the theater getting colder and colder, Zhang Taiping felt very uncomfortable. Chen Yebing was also sitting in the audience, and the past was so vivid in their minds that they both shed tears. Zhang Taiping thought a lot and said that once the stage is set up, people from all over the world come to listen, including mortals on one side and ghosts and gods from all over the world. Even if there is no audience, there is still the inheritance of opera.

Nowadays, the theater is in desolation, and the Star Reaching Girls Class and the Taiping Year Class are even more unable to uncover the blame. After Chen Lixia learned about it, she secretly funded it, but Chen Yebing didn't appreciate it at all. Chen Yebing did not allow everyone to eat the food sent by Chen Lixia until Zhang Taiping came to the rescue and revealed the news that Uncle Cai had hanged himself. He persuaded her to not be too harsh on herself and the people around her in troubled times, so that her life would be easier. .

On the day the drug dealer opened his business, Chen Shanhe personally came to "support" him, which was actually a warning to everyone. On the other hand, there is an endless stream of diners in the Guangzhou Restaurant every day, which makes Huang Qiquan and Xian Zhongjun very happy. Wait until the guests have left. Xian Zhongjun and Huang Qiquan came to Chen Wei and said that they would open a new restaurant and let him serve as the chef. However, Chen Wei politely refused and wanted to return to Guangzhou to revitalize the Guangzhou Restaurant. They believed that one day they would take back the Guangzhou Restaurant and drive away the Japanese. Devil.

Xu Nanlu and Chen Shanhe planned a play to stage a breakup in public. Xu Nanlu asked Chen Shanhe to return his shares and return all the medical books he had kept on his behalf. Chen Shanhe refused, and the two fought. This scene was seen by Sanguo Youxi, and he had other thoughts.

Chen Wei, who was far away in Hong Kong, heard rumors that his eldest brother was a traitor, and he quickly wrote home to persuade his eldest brother not to be a lackey for the Japanese. Chen Shanhe immediately wrote back to his brother and explained everything to him, but Chen Wei could not accept this fact yet. He was a little disappointed with his elder brother and did not want him to continue like this.

Not long after, Chen Shanhe was surrounded and killed. Fortunately, Chen Shanhe was good at boxing and kicking and escaped. At present, neither Chen Shanhe nor Xu Nanlu is sure about the identity of the person behind the scenes. Xu Nanlu asked Chen Shanhe to grasp the scale, otherwise even if he is not a traitor, he will become a thorn in the side of all forces.


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