Tan Yaoheng saw today that Chen Wei was courageous and righteous. He could be called a tough-minded hero, and he admired him very much. Although Chen Wei and Tan Yaoheng can only stay on the vegetable boat now and have no chance to display their talents and ambitions, they have not given up on taking back the Guangzhou Restaurant. Not only that, they also want to experience what the Japanese call delicious food.

Early the next morning, Chen Wei and Tan Yaoheng attended the opening ceremony in high spirits. While tasting the Japanese food at Mingyue's house, they commented on it and wrote one article after another with great enthusiasm. Reporters rushed to grab the manuscript for publication in the newspaper. . Ruan Feizhou specially invited Chen Shanhe, but Chen Wei happened to see this scene. He firmly believed that his eldest brother was definitely not a traitor.

The more Chen Wei thought about it, the angrier he became, focusing on describing the poor knife skills of Japanese chefs. As the two talked and laughed, they gradually angered Kazuo Okada, who ordered them to be driven away. However, Chen Wei and Tan Yaoheng didn't care at all. They paid the bill and left without hesitation. Dung bombs were thrown at a Japanese drugstore. Ruan Feizhou used this to make Chen Shanhe his own, but Chen Shanhe denied that it was him.

On the other side, Chen Wei stood outside the restaurant and learned that Chen Shanhe left through the back door. But as soon as they left, Chen Shanhe left through the front door again. On the other hand, Ruan Feizhou came to the theater and threatened Chen Yebing to have a formal discussion with Japanese artists. Chen Yebing was furious and claimed that he would rather swallow charcoal and be disfigured than give in to his threats.

Kazuo Okada was about to be transferred to the front line and came here to say goodbye to his friends. However, Kotaro Ozawa didn't know how to support the restaurant. Especially when he heard Chen Wei and Tan Yaoheng's comments about him, he gradually lost confidence and even felt that he shouldn't have robbed others. s things. Ozawa Kotaro was just a chef, not a Japanese soldier. He had the idea of ​​going home, but was interrupted and refused by Okada Kazuo, who warned him that if he wanted to live a good life, he must establish himself in China.

Chen Shanhe returned to the medicine shop and saw Kuang Qingkui, whom he had not seen for a long time. Now he is the captain of the anti-Japanese action team. The reason why he came to Chen Shanhe was to supply medicine. In addition, Kuang Qingkui asked Chen Shanhe to bring explosives into the back wall of the Japanese Military Police Reporting Department for him. From then on, the grudge between the two would be wiped out.

That night, Chen Shanhe assisted Kuang Qingkui and others to sneak into the military police reporting department, and Kuang Qingkui led a group of men to start a crazy attack. On the streets the next day, the newsboy shouted the news that Kuang Qingkui led the guerrillas to bomb the Japanese military police reporting department. Jin Huirong was unable to show up, so he secretly bought all the newspapers from the newsboy.

When Chen Wei saw the report, he immediately went to find his elder brother to resolve the misunderstanding about Chen Shanhe. However, Chen Shanhe did not want to get involved in the anti-Japanese team and only hoped that his younger siblings could live well. In the office of the provincial police station, Ruan Feizhou escaped from death and came to Liao Siliu with gauze on his forehead. He wanted to use this matter to fish for a big fish in the long run in order to lure out Kuang Qingkui.

That night, Chen Lixia accompanied her eldest brother to dinner and mentioned Jin Huirong's beliefs and ideals. However, such an ideal requires too many sacrifices, which makes Chen Shanhe very worried. However, Chen Lixia is gradually assimilated by Jin Huirong, full of anti-Japanese passion and willing to defend his country. While the brother and sister were talking, there was a sudden knock on the door. Chen Shanhe opened the door and found that no one was there. However, there was a note left, ordering him to join the Greater East Asia Medical Promotion Association within three days, otherwise the store would be closed down.

The Rooftop Theater was also given an ultimatum. Chen Yebing wanted to disband the theater troupe, but Zhang Taiping was reluctant to part with it. Chen Yebing no longer cares about life and death, and is full of hatred for the Japanese. He would rather quit the Taiping Year Class to preserve his reputation. Zhang Taiping knows Chen Yebing's temper and said that he will follow Chen Yebing forward and backward together.


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