Guangzhou Grand Restaurant has reopened for business, and business is booming with many guests. However, Ruan Feizhou's presence makes them unable to ignore it. The relationship between Chen Lixia and Ruan Feizhou is no longer what it used to be, and the atmosphere is very tense. In the past, Ruan Feizhou was everyone's friend, and they had common interests and ideas, but now they have different paths and do not work together. Chen Lixia has a cold attitude towards Ruan Feizhou and does not want to have too much involvement with him. Seeing this scene, Tan Yaoheng took the initiative to raise his glass to toast all Chinese people. Obviously, he did not welcome Ruan Feizhou, a Japanese devil.

After staying in Guangzhou for a few days, Ozawa Kotaro became more and more fond of Chinese food. He also wanted to take Chinese food as his own, improve it into Japanese food and promote it. Okada Kazuo supported Ozawa's ambition and planned to help him open a restaurant in Guangzhou. He first focused on the Guangzhou Restaurant next door.

Chen Shanhe is currently facing a difficult task, which is how to transport 6,000 quinine tablets. Although Xu Nanlu did not agree with continuing this kind of business, Song Shilian considered that the brothers had to support their families and finally gave it a try. Chen Shanhe thought it was feasible. As long as he had money, he could fight against Sanguo Youxi.

Then Chen Shanhe and others sewed the medicine into the lion dance costumes, performed the lion dance on the street, and successfully obtained the communication certificate given by the Japanese army. Liao Siliu recognized Chen Shanhe, picked up a pill that Chen Shanhe accidentally dropped on the ground, and looked at their leaving figures thoughtfully.

Xu Nanlu always felt that the risk was too great, and told Chen Shanhe to study and make medicine honestly in the future. As soon as he finished speaking, Liao Siliu came over to find Chen Shanhe and took him to see Ruan Feizhou. However, Ruan Feizhou used this medicine to threaten Chen Shanhe to join the traitor organization, but Chen Shanhe finally dealt with it.

Guangzhou Restaurant lost money on the first day it opened, but Chen Wei thought it was normal. In the long run, Tan Yaoheng thought he should work on the menu and re-improve the way he cooks. It was under Tan Yaoheng's suggestion that Chen Wei agreed, thinking that it made sense to ask him to take care of the money in the first place, but Tan Yaoheng reminded Chen Wei to take care of Chen Lixia.

At this time, Jin Huirong and other underground parties spread the results of the Wuhan Battle through leaflets in the streets and alleys. Chen Lixia helped them look out and prepared to make a few bowls of noodles after talking about the matter, but found that Jin Huirong and others had already left. Chen Wei hopes that Chen Lixia will be careful. He does not oppose his sister's resistance to Japan, but will help her do her job well.

From June to October 1938, the Chinese army began the Wuhan Defense War on the outskirts of Wuhan along the north and south banks of the Yangtze River. It was the largest, longest, and most annihilated battle in the strategic defense stage of the Anti-Japanese War. The Chinese army greatly depleted the effective strength of the Japanese army and defeated the Japanese army's strategic attempt to end the war quickly and force the Nationalist government to surrender.

This time was the Japanese army's biggest defeat since the war began. Ruan Feizhou fell into self-blame because of the rebuke from his superiors, and at the same time realized that he could no longer be merciful. Liao Siliu went to the theater to embarrass Zhang Taiping and Chen Yebing because of the flyers. Ruan Feizhou pretended to stop them and arranged for Chen Yebing to perform. However, Chen Yebing refused to have artistic exchanges with the Japanese artist delegation. As a result, Ruan Feizhou slapped them in the face, warned them, and left the theater arrogantly and proudly.

Through this incident, Chen Yebing completely understood why Chen Lixia and Jin Huirong resisted Japan, and became more determined to protect Guangzhou, and sooner or later the Japanese would be driven out of China. That night, Chen Lixia and Jin Huirong invited the two masters to dinner and discussed how to resist the Japanese Military Police. Zhang Taiping said that he was planning to leave Guangzhou with the troupe recently, and this meal should be a right for them to practice. In fact, Zhang Taiping hasn't thought about leaving yet, he just wants to prevent things from getting bigger and bigger, and he doesn't want anything to happen to Chen Yebing.

Ruan Feizhou wanted to persuade Xu Nanlu to join the Association for the Advancement of Medicine, but Xu Nanlu politely refused. As soon as Chen Shanhe arrived, Xu Nanlu immediately revealed to him that he was being targeted by the Japanese and that the traitor organization would not join him until he died, so he had to leave immediately. Before leaving, Xu Nanlu took out a stack of documents for Chen Shanhe to sign and take over his house, pharmacy, medical center and inventory.

Xu Nanlu got into a rickshaw and was about to go back to the countryside. Chen Shanhe hurried over and gave him a bag of money. When the separation was imminent, Xu Nanlu told Chen Shanhe not to be a traitor and to be careful of the Japanese, and then left all the money to Chen Shanhe. Kazuo Okada arranged a banquet at a large restaurant in Guangzhou and deliberately let one of them die after eating the meal. Chen Wei and Tan Yaoheng were arrested for this.


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