Chen Wei is planning to hold a banquet of new dishes, and he also wants to donate the first sum of money to the Guangzhou Police Department, claiming to be supporting them in their fight against Japan, but in fact he has other plans. Tan Yaoheng was very happy. In order to successfully host this new product auction, he did not hesitate to mortgage his old house to raise funds. Unexpectedly, Chen Wei and Chen Shanhe's plan was to poison Kuang Qingkui, and the two pharmaceuticals were put in the meal in batches.

Jin Huirong wanted to persuade the two of them to give up the assassination opportunity. The hatred of the country was greater than the hatred of the family. However, Chen Shanhe made up his mind and bought Liao Siliu with twenty gold bars, thinking that such a greedy person would definitely help him. Liao Siliu took the initiative to come to Kuang Qingkui, hoping that Kuang Qingkui could take him to the new dish banquet. Kuang Qingkui saw that he was bribed by Chen Shanhe and warned him in words.

That night, the Japanese bombed Guangzhou frequently, making Chen Wei furious. Tan Yaoheng persuaded Chen Wei that the top priority was to calm down and prepare for the tough battle tomorrow. But when Chen Wei learned that Tan Yaoheng had mortgaged the property, he couldn't bear it. On the other hand, Chen Shanhe went back to help He Yufang pack her luggage, ensuring that even if the plan failed, she would not be affected. He also reassured his brother that he did not have to worry about damaging the Guangzhou Restaurant.

Early the next morning, Kuang Qingkui executed the traitor at the execution ground and specially invited Jin Huirong to watch the execution. Now that the Kuomintang and the Communist Party are cooperating to fight against Japan, Kuang Qingkui still doesn’t believe that this cooperation can last long. For the Kuomintang, the Communist Party is always an internal concern, so Kuang Qingkui does not take the Communist Party seriously, let alone listen to anything Jin Huirong says. , the reason why he was taken to watch the execution was also a disguised warning.

Jin Huirong and Kuang Qingkui were friendly and affable on the surface, but in reality they were at war with each other in private. He deliberately reminded Kuang Qingkui to be careful, but Kuang Qingkui laughed it off and instead stated that Chen Shanhe would return to Guangzhou, pretending not to know in the name of Jin Huirong's cooperation with the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. But for today's banquet of new dishes, Kuang Qingkui is already ready to watch the show.

On the other side, Tan Yaoheng prepared meals at the Guangzhou Restaurant and took out ancestral porcelain to entertain everyone. Chen Wei was busy making delicious food in the kitchen. Before serving the food, he paid homage to his master Lin Jiangbei, saying that he was going to do a big thing today. If he didn't succeed, he would be benevolent. If he failed, he would probably meet with him.

Chen Shanhe was about to leave for the Guangzhou Restaurant and handed over all his keys to He Yufang. He was not sure about the success or failure of today, but he and He Yufang knew very well that regardless of success or failure, life would be in danger, and if he was not careful, he would die. Mourning the underworld. He Yufang hugged Chen Shanhe tightly and cried, no matter how reluctant she was to give up, she would support his plan.

Soon Kuang Qingkui brought Jin Huirong and others to the big restaurant to taste the dishes. The people at the same table were also the bosses of the major restaurants, and the voting auction was conducted according to the rules. Chen Shanhe hid in the corner and was in ambush. Just as he was taking out his pistol, Liao Siliu put the gun to his head. Seeing that the time was almost up, Kuang Qingkui ordered everyone else to leave, leaving only the Chen brothers, Jin Huirong, and Tam Yaoheng.

Chen Shanhe was escorted by Liao Siliu to Kuang Qingkui. Kuang Qingkui announced to the public his plan to poison himself with Chen Wei, and then asked his men to escort Chen Wei over. If it was true as Kuang Qingkui said, the last dish in the plan was poisoned and would definitely kill him on the spot if he ate it, Chen Wei had thrown the potion into the firewood before he could add it.

It's just that no one knows about this. Jin Huirong has repeatedly defended the Chen brothers, but Kuang Qingkui doesn't buy it at all. As the organizer of the auction, Tam Yaoheng was also arrested on the order of Kuang Qingkui. At the critical moment, Jin Huirong proposed to taste the last dish on behalf of Kuang Qingkui. If there were no problems, he would let the Chen brothers live. Kuang Qingkui was a little surprised when he heard this, and then readily agreed.


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