He Yufang hurriedly went to the police station to report the case, saying that someone had kidnapped Chen Shanhe, but the police did not accept the complaint at all. On the other hand, Chen Shanhe paid a lot of money for his life. The greedy Liao Siliu shot and killed two of his men. He drove Chen Shanhe to Xu Nanlu Pharmacy and found five gold bars wrapped in cloth in the flower bed nearby.

Chen Shanhe is willing to use these five gold bars to extend his life for another five years. One will get money and the other will get his life. Both parties will benefit from each other. And he promises to give Liao Siliu a place to hide his money every New Year's Eve. Liao Siliu was not worried that Chen Shanhe would lie to him, because he knew that Chen Shanhe's weaknesses were He Yufang, Chen Lixia from the theater, and Chen Wei from the Guangzhou Restaurant.

Kuang Qingkui thought that He Yufang was an eyewitness and saw Liao Siliu kidnap Chen Shanhe with his own eyes, so he thought of eradicating Liao Siliu when necessary to prevent him from harming himself. Kuang Qingkui ordered the roads out of the city to be blocked and all hotels to be inspected. If Liao Siliu's car was found, he would immediately seize it and shoot anyone who resisted.

Soon Liao Siliu drove the car near the outskirts of the city. He wanted to shoot and fake an injury, but he was unable to do so, so he asked Chen Shanhe to injure himself to deal with Kuang Qingkui. He Yufang returned home and saw the letter left by Chen Shanhe. Chen Shanhe confided in the letter that he wanted to take revenge and marry her. He Yufang burst into tears and finally made up his mind to find Chen Shanhe.

Liao Siliu returned to the police station and fabricated a story about Chen Shanhe injuring himself and then escaping. There was no omission from beginning to end. Kuang Qingkui did not continue to pursue the case for the time being. While they were talking, the enemy launched another bombing raid on Guangzhou, accurately blowing up the arsenal in the west of the city. Apparently a spy was lured to the Japanese. Kuang Qingkui took the opportunity to frame Chen Shanhe as a traitor.

Not long after, newspapers all over the city reported that Chen Shanhe was a traitor. Chen Wei thought it was Tan Yaoheng who betrayed him, but seeing Tan Yaoheng's reaction, it was obvious that this matter had nothing to do with him. Although Jin Huirong didn't believe in the party-state's newspapers, Chen Shanhe had friends with people from all over the world, so it was difficult to guarantee that he was a good person. Chen Lixia would not hesitate to fall out with Jin Huirong to defend his brother.

There is currently no progress in the investigation of Chen Shanhe. Kuang Qingkui is preparing to thoroughly investigate Xu Nanlu. However, Xu Nanlu led a team to do battlefield rescue in the north and gained a high reputation. The provincial and city governments have to award him honors. I am afraid it will be difficult to find a suitable one. An excuse to check his property. Kuang Qingkui came up with a plan to prepare a special welcome ceremony for Xu Nanlu. Xu Nanlu returned to Guangzhou and found that people gathered outside the medicine shop and cursed Chen Shanhe as a traitor.

Naturally, everyone did not believe that Chen Shanhe was such a person. Chen Wei was worried that his elder brother would take revenge alone, so he decided to let Chen Lixia take him to see Jin Huirong. At this time, in the Foshan fruit shop, Chen Shanhe taught a lesson to Da Tianer who came to blackmail and cause trouble. He Yufang suddenly appeared in front of Chen Shanhe and said that he had thought it through thoroughly, and Chen Shanhe had a smile on his face.

Chen Wei and Chen Lixia learned through Jin Huirong that their elder brother was injured and not dead, and was hiding in a safe place. Xu Nanlu successfully met Chen Shanhe under the arrangement of Song Shilian. The two mentioned the Japanese invasion and speculated that Guangzhou City would fall sooner or later. The three brothers and sisters of the Chen family met in their parents' old fruit shop. Chen Wei was still thinking about revenge. Chen Shanhe hoped that he could calm down and take care of the overall situation.

Because the Kuomintang and the Communist Party cooperated in the fight against Japan, Jin Huirong negotiated with the Kuomintang on behalf of the Communist Party and assured the Chen Wei brothers and sisters that Chen Shanhe would return to Guangzhou safely. However, Kuang Qingkui did not believe in the so-called cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. He was more distrustful of the Communist Party. At the same time, he criticized Liao Siliu's recent extravagant style and had long been like a mirror. In addition, Kuang Qingkui ordered his men to register the Communist Party in Guangzhou. Even if they don't arrest them now, they will have to liquidate them when the trend changes later.

The Taiping Year Class started a play to raise funds to fight against Japan. At the end, it was announced that in order to prevent Japanese enemy planes from bombing, night entertainment would be completely banned. Just when the masses were a little dissatisfied, Kuang Qingkui led people to arrest the traitors. Sure enough, a man exposed his flaws, making everyone present angry. When Jin Huirong saw this scene, he immediately led his brothers to sing "March of the Volunteers" to arouse everyone's anti-Japanese sentiment.


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