Qin Shi came to pick up the drunken Yanghua home, Cai Liang helped to send the drunken Yanghua to the car. I like Qin Shi, and I hope Qin Shi will not hurt him even if he uses him. Qin Shi took Yanghua home and arranged for him to rest. Looking at Yanghua who was drunk and sleeping soundly, Qin Shi couldn't help but secretly kissed Yanghua.

Tang Yihui took the opportunity of delivering the wrong wine to meet Wu Fei's father, who is the boss of Ximei PR. Wu Fei then approached Tang Yihui to apologize for concealing her identity, but Tang Yihui didn't mind. Hearing that Wu Fei planned to let Cheng Yuhui take over the legal affairs of Ximei PR, Tang Yihui was very happy, but she also knew that Wu Fei must have an exchange condition .

The next day Qin Shi found Wu Fei sitting in his office after going to work, and claimed that the office was already hers. Old Qiao also received a temporary notice in the morning. He took Qin Shi to the utility room and told Qin Shi that she could work here temporarily. Qin Shi rushed to find Tang Yihui, but was dragged away by Li Dai halfway. Li Dai told Qin Shi that she had resigned, and now Wu Fei took Qin Shi's position. Such a lawyer who has practiced for three months and became a senior lawyer of the law firm, but she has been fighting for many years is no match for a married male lawyer with children, and even an assistant lawyer secretly threatens herself. She does not agree with this kind of corporate culture, so she thinks to resign.

Qin Shi persuaded Li Dai to stay, and also said that Cheng Yuhui's unfair treatment of single female lawyers would change. She also confessed that she had worked so hard to enter the eleventh floor for so many years to change these unfair rules. But Li Dai didn't agree with Qin Shi's idea, she thought it was too unreal. Then Li Dai called Lao Qiao, and Lao Qiao told Qin Shi that there were two final candidates for the 11th floor, one was Qin Shi and the other was Lawyer Shen, but the results of the voting resulted in a tie between the two. What is even more surprising is that partners are not only selected within the law firm. Lao Qiao told the two that the corporate department of the law firm is the best department to protect client resources. Unless the person is particularly outstanding or has better client resources, otherwise No external recruitment. But Tang Yihui chose Tao Junhui, one because of his strong work ability, and the other because of the hard background resources.

Qin Shi came to the office to pick up things, Wu Fei saw Qin Shi, and flaunted that she wanted to treat Qin Shi to dinner, and thanked Qin Shi for teaching herself before. Qin Shi didn't feel angry because of the other party's words, but when he turned around and saw Tao Junhui, he felt very upset that he appeared in the law firm to disrupt his work. Tao Junhui questioned Qin Shi who broke up with him two years ago and turned around to find someone to marry, and even had a two-and-a-half-year-old "child", but Qin Shi didn't want to say more about it.

Yang Hua was worried that Qin Shi was busy with work and forgot to eat lunch, so he specially prepared a loving lunch and sent it to Qin Shi at the law firm. He also felt relieved when he learned from Qin Shi that he did not offend her when he was drunk last night, but just recited poems. When Tang Yihui saw Qin Shi, she comforted her only to let her be wronged temporarily, and Tang Yihui didn't expect that Wu Fei's original condition would be Tao Junhui. But Tang Yihui reminded Qin Shi that the reason why Wu Fei did this was to target Qin Shi. The reason why Tang Yihui asked Qin Shi to come to the eleventh floor for an internship was also to show Qin Shi's ability, and her condition was to let Qin Shi investigate Tao Junhui's purpose of coming to Cheng and Hui. Qin Shi only has a three-month internship period on the eleventh floor, and whether to stay or stay after three months depends on Qin Shi's ability.

Li Dai finally decided to leave the law firm. She contacted Yanghua for a meeting and said that she already knew that he and Qin Shi had a fake marriage. Although she did not agree with Qin Shi's actions, she also admitted that Qin Shi was much braver than herself. But changing the rules of Cheng and Hui is difficult to achieve alone, and requires teammates to fight side by side. Li Dai hopes that Yanghua can help Qin Shi.

Qin Wenyu took over the company, but did not go to the company to deal with business for a month in a row. After learning the news, Ren Meimei happily returned to the company to deal with affairs. After all, she was bored after staying at home for too long.


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