Both Zheng Shuyi and Bi Ruoshan attended Guan's press conference. Through the press conference, they both saw the excellence of the three young people Shi Yan, Guan Ji and Yu You. Zheng Shuyi also complained to Bi Ruoshan that Shi Yan was unreasonable, but was accidentally passed by. Shiyan heard it. After the press conference, Zheng Shuyi specially introduced his best friend Bi Ruoshan to Yu You. As a reporter, Bi Ruoshan also took the opportunity to interview Guan Ji.

Zheng Shuyi found that it was useless to ignore Shi Yan, so he could only take the initiative to send messages to flirt with people again. However, seeing that Shi Yan still did not reply to him, he wondered whether Shi Yan had heard his complaints. Zheng Shuyi had no choice but to complain that Shi Yan was illiterate. After the dinner, Guan Ji took the initiative to send Bi Ruoshan home. Bi Ruoshan looked at Guan Ji attentively, thinking that Guan Ji, who was working hard today, was a little different from usual. Guan Ji also praised the most beautiful reporter in Jiangcheng, who would say something special in today's exclusive interview. serious. Both of them were a little moved, so they made an appointment to go to the bar to continue drinking. The two of them recalled the scene when they first met at the bar. They were both interested in each other, but they were both proud and did not take the initiative to declare their relationship.

Zheng Shuyi learned that the time for Yunchuang's annual press conference was confirmed, and she was looking forward to receiving an invitation from the banquet. Zheng Shuyi knew that the year-end press conference in the last two issues of the magazine this year would be the best choice for the year-end front page. In order to go to Yunchuang's press conference, she took the initiative to contact Shi Yan and hoped that Shi Yan would remember to send her an invitation letter. As a result, What disappointed her was that Yunchuang's invitation letter was eventually sent to Xu Yuling.

Zheng Shuyi originally wanted to ask Tang Yi for help, but Tang Yi said that this was the editor-in-chief's decision, and she could not let Zheng Shuyi attend Yunchuang's press conference. Moreover, Tang Yi said that if Zheng Shuyi could go to the press conference, she must bring Qin Shuyi with her. Time and month. Zheng Shuyi knew that Qin Shiyue was simple-minded, but after Tang Yi's repeated requests, he decided to teach her well at work.

Zheng Shuyi specifically asked Yu You to help with the invitation letter for Yunchuang's press conference. When Shi Yan learned about it, he became jealous and asked Yu You to beat him in the boxing ring before giving him the invitation letter. However, in the end, Yu You lost the game and could not help. Zheng Shuyi got the invitation letter. Zheng Shuyi asked Bi Ruoshan but failed to get the invitation letter. This made Zheng Shuyi more determined to go to the press conference. She decided to find an opportunity to ask about Shi Yan in person.

Shi Yan originally thought that the company had sent the invitation letter to Zheng Shuyi, but when he saw Xu Yuling on the day of the press conference, he learned that the company had mistakenly sent the invitation letter to Xu Yuling. Zheng Shuyi originally wanted Bi Ruoshan to bring herself and Qin Shiyue into the conference venue, but an invitation letter could only bring one person into the conference venue. Zheng Shuyi asked Bi Ruoshan to bring Qin Shiyue into the conference venue first, while she followed Shi Yan directly Entered the venue. Zheng Shuyi specifically asked Shi Yan why he chose Xu Yuling to attend the press conference. Shi Yan had to explain that it was not his job to confirm the media list and issue invitations. Shi Yan asked Chen Kang to specially arrange a front position for Zheng Shuyi. Chen Kang also apologized for the mistake of the public relations department and arranged Bi Ruoshan and Qin Shiyue next to Zheng Shuyi, which made Zheng Shuyi very satisfied. The press conference officially started. Zheng Shuyi saw the handsome Shi Yan presiding over the press conference and sent a message to praise him.


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