Shi Yan approved the interview manuscript before twelve o'clock. Zheng Shuyi was very happy and sent a message to thank Shi Yan. However, Shi Yan did not reply to her even a single message. Zheng Shu realized that Bi Ruoshan once said that men are always duplicitous, so he kept bombarding Shi Yan with text messages with earthy love words. Although Shi Yan did not reply, he was still enjoying it.

Bi Ruoshan accompanied Zheng Shuyi to meet her old classmate Situ Yi. When they met, Situ Yi learned that Zheng Shuyi was still working in a financial agency, so he persuaded her to quickly change her career to work in new media. After all, print media had lagged behind. Zheng Shuyi said that he has shifted his focus to electronic journals and believes that good content is more important than media carriers. When Situ Yi learned that Zheng Shuyi and Yue Xingzhou had broken up, she revealed that Yue Xingzhou was in two different situations during college, which made Bi Ruoshan complain that Yue Xingzhou was indeed a scumbag.

Yu You took Bruce to meet with Shi Yan and Chen Kang. Although Bruce gave Chen Kang advice on technical problems, he also said that he would not join Le'an because he felt that Le'an's current technology was not up to his level. . However, Shi Yan believes that Bruce joining Le'an and being able to help Le'an solve problems under existing conditions are the real challenges. These challenges are experiences that Bruce cannot experience abroad and in laboratories. Under Shi Yan's persuasion, Bruce Agreed to consider the matter.

Zheng Shuyi forced Shi Yan to pick him up, but unexpectedly, Shi Yan's car actually arrived in front of him. It turned out that Shi Yan happened to be passing by and saw Zheng Shuyi and his best friend Bi Ruoshan waiting for the car, so he offered to take them home. Bi Ruoshan got off the bus midway, and Zheng Shuyi also took the opportunity to get off the bus. After getting off the bus, Bi Ruoshan commented that the exchange between Zheng Shuyi and Shi Yan was a textbook-level example of awkward flirtation, and said that Shi Yan's tone was obviously jealous. Bi Ruoshan also asked Zheng Shuyi not to reply to Shi Yan in time, so that Shi Yan could control Shi Yan and prevent Shi Yan from guessing Zheng Shuyi's intentions.

Guan Ji took Qin Shiyue to the bar to play. Bi Ruoshan came to the bar and saw Guan Ji behaving intimately with a girl, and misunderstood their relationship. Qin Shiyue was harassed when Guan Ji went out to answer the phone. Bi Ruoshan couldn't bear to help her out. When Guan Ji came back, he saw Bi Ruoshan and wanted to say hello, but Bi Ruoshan left early because she felt unwell.

Zheng Shuyi met with Yu You and asked why Yu You chose to return to China for development. Yu You explained that it was because there were like-minded friends in China. Zheng Shuyi said that he wanted to meet with Yu You for an exclusive interview to talk about the reasons for Yu You's return to China and his future development. Yu You agreed to the invitation and invited Zheng Shuyi to attend Guan's press conference next week. Zheng Shuyi was very grateful for this opportunity.

Xu Yuling learned that Zheng Shuyi had also been invited to attend Guan's press conference. She was jealous and secretly put Zheng Shuyi's invitation letter into discarded documents, causing the invitation letter to be shredded by a paper shredder. Xu Yuling also deliberately shifted the responsibility for the matter to Qin Shiyue. Zheng Shuyi did not blame Qin Shiyue until he was plotted again. He also said that he could enter Guan's press conference even without an invitation letter.

Qin Shiyue went back in the evening and specifically asked Guan Ji for an invitation letter to the Guan Group's press conference to give to Zheng Shuyi. She also specifically said that she called the Guan Group's public relations department to request a new invitation letter. Zheng Shuyi guessed that Qin Shiyue knew someone from the Guan Group. People, but also very grateful to Qin Shiyue for his help.


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