Shi Yan saw Zheng Shuyi as soon as he returned to the community. He pretended not to know Zheng Shuyi's intentions and asked why she came to see him. Zheng Shuyi believed that Shi Yanka had written the manuscript three times just to see him. Shi Yan denied that he wanted to see Zheng Shuyi, and pointed out the problems with Zheng Shuyi's three editions of the manuscript one by one. Zheng Shuyi acknowledged the problems with his manuscript, but also hoped that Shi Yan could provide suggestions to help him revise the manuscript.

Zheng Shuyi revised the manuscript based on Shi Yan's opinions, and Shi Yan specially asked Zheng Shuyi to come to his home to revise the manuscript. Zheng Shuyi was revising the manuscript at Shi Yan's home, and couldn't help but feel a little disappointed when he saw that Shi Yan was not impressed by his beauty at all. In order to make her uncle promise not to go to work, Qin Shiyue bought a bottle of good wine to please Shi Yan. Qin Shiyue called Shi Yan but learned that it was inconvenient for Shi Yan to see people now. Guan Ji guessed from the side that Shi Yan had hidden her beauty in the golden house. Qin Shiyue lamented that her uncle's iron tree had finally blossomed.

Zheng Shuyi kept revising the manuscript at Shi Yan's request. Finally, Shi Yan approved Zheng Shuyi's manuscript because it was not early. Zheng Shuyi was happy and asked Shi Yan to consider his special interview, and also hoped to publish the manuscript in a financial media on the e-journal. After the manuscript problem was solved, Shi Yan took the opportunity to ask Zheng Shuyi if her boyfriend had any objections to returning so late. Zheng Shuyi specifically explained that she broke up with her boyfriend the same day she went back to meet Shi Yan. She directly asked if she could pursue Shi Yan. Facing Zheng Shuyi who boldly confessed his love , Shi Yan felt nervous.

Qin Shiyue came to her uncle's house and happened to see Zheng Shuyi hurriedly leaving the community, but she did not doubt that Zheng Shuyi was the one who hid the beauty in the golden house of her uncle Shiyan. When Zheng Shuyi went back, he complained to Bi Ruoshan that Shi Yan kicked him away after hearing his confession. Bi Ruoshan commented that Shi Yan was very childish, and typically the more he likes someone, the less he admits it. It is even speculated that Shi Yanka's calligraphy manuscript was deliberately intended to be close to the calligraphy. Unexpectedly, Shi Yanka already liked the calligraphy.

On the other side, Qin Shiyue learned that Shi Yan actually invited people to drink and left. She thought her uncle was confused and asked him to learn Guan Ji's skills in chasing people and learn to take the initiative. Zheng Shu realized that Shi Yan did not refuse her request to pursue someone, so she bombarded Shi Yan with text messages that night.

Zheng Shuyi guessed that capturing the Guan family was a key step for Mingyu Yunchuang, and Guan's invitation to Yu You to return to China must be related to cooperation, and Yu You's professional advice must be very important to the Guan family. Zheng Shuyi planned to ask Yu You to chat, maybe We can get some clues about the future development of Yunchuang.

Shi Yan asked Yu You to shoot together. During their free time, the two chatted about Bruce. Yu You said that Bruce likes exciting adventures and challenges, so treatment and conditions are not the first factors in the other party's choice. He suggested that Shi Yan choose something interesting to persuade him to return to China to work. Challenge topic. Zheng Shuyi called Yu You to ask for advice. Shi Yan was a little jealous when he heard Zheng Shuyi invited Yu You to ask for help.

Xu Yuling came to Tang Yi to submit her manuscript. She wanted a front-page report this week. Zheng Shuyi had not yet waited for the final reply from Yunchuang, so Tang Yi had no choice but to say that if Yunchuang did not reply before twelve o'clock tonight, Finance Xu Yuling's article was on the front page. Zheng Shuyi contacted Shi Yan, hoping that he would approve the final manuscript as soon as possible, but Shi Yan deliberately did not reply to Zheng Shuyi because of jealousy. Therefore, the entire financial agency department was working overtime to wait for Zheng Shuyi's manuscript to be approved.


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