Xu Yuling made an appointment with Guan Ji for an interview. She wanted to take the opportunity to contact Shi Yan through the interview with Guan Ji. Qin Shiyue was forced to go to work, so she took the opportunity to call Guan Ji for help, but Guan Ji was helpless and persuaded Qin Shiyue to relax and go to work. Xu Yuling originally wanted to take advantage of the interview to ask for Guan Ji's contact information, but Guan Ji saw through her intentions and naturally found an excuse to refuse.

Qin Shiyue gave Zheng Shuyi a meeting gift, hoping that she would take more care of her, but Zheng Shuyi refused the gift, arranged work for her, and asked Qin Shiyue to hand it over to her before get off work. Shi Yan learned that Ming Yu lent money to Lie Ying, and Chen Kang decided to agree to Lie Ying's acquisition because of the company's financial problems. After learning about it, Shi Yan hurried over to persuade Chen Kang to consider the long-term development of Le'an Technology before deciding whether to accept Lie Ying's offer. cooperate. Shi Yan knew about Le'an's financial problems. He came up with his own investment plan and planned to invest in Le'an Technology continuously in installments. Shi Yan's cooperative attitude impressed Chen Kang, and Chen Kang finally decided to give Shi Yan time to continue cooperation.

After work, Xu Yuling introduced the interns she taught to everyone. Zheng Shuyi compared the interns she taught, Qin Shiyue, with the interns Xu Yuling taught, and found that the gap was too big. She could only comfort herself that there would be no harm if she did not compare. Qin Shiyue came home from work one day and acted coquettishly with her grandfather. She disliked that work was too tiring, and she was so miserable that her boss was unwilling to teach her. When Shi Yan learned that Zheng Shuyi was Qin Shiyue’s leader, she asked Qin Shiyue to learn from Zheng Shuyi and treat her well. Turn a blind eye to the misfortune.

After dinner, Shi's father and Shi Yan talked about the company's management issues and said that Mingyu's uncles were very smart and thoughtful before. Even if Shi Yan has different ideas from them now, even if they cannot be a helper, they should not be allowed to be. The obstacles on the way forward.

Zheng Shuyi's manuscript passed the review of the editor-in-chief, but Shi Yan was dissatisfied with it and failed. Zheng Shuyi could only revise the interview manuscript again, but the interview manuscript was returned for revision again and again. Tang Yi also asked Zheng Shuyi to find a way to satisfy Shi Yan, otherwise it would be very difficult. The deadline is coming soon.

Shi Yan and Yu You were rock climbing together, and he took the opportunity to ask Yu You to help contact his former colleague Bruce, hoping to invite Bruce to work at Yunchuang. Shi Yan knew that Lean was currently facing technical difficulties, and asking Bruce might be able to solve them, so he wanted to ask Yu You for help. Yu You then contacted Bruce and secured an opportunity for Shi Yan to meet Bruce. As for letting Bruce stay on to help Le'an solve technical problems, this matter required Shi Yan to think of ways to retain people.

Zheng Shuyi obtained Shi Yan's mobile phone number from Tang Yi, but she was still unable to contact Shi Yan. She could only temporarily contact Chen Sheng to help contact Shi Yan, but Chen Sheng finally reported that Shi Yan's original words were not to be discussed during working hours. It was a private matter, so he refused to meet with Zheng Shujing. Zheng Shu realized that she wanted to ask Shi Yan to revise the manuscript in public, and she could also take the opportunity to get the earrings back in private. She had a reason to see people no matter in public or private, so she decided to visit Shi Yan's home. On the other hand, after Shi Yan finished his work and saw that it was getting late, he decided to go home and wait for someone to come.


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