Zheng Shuyi found out through his colleagues that Xu Yuling not only interviewed Shi Yan, but also stole his interview outline. Zheng Shuyi realized that Shi Yan knew that his interview had been intercepted and his outline was stolen, and he lamented that he had embarrassed himself in front of Shi Yan. Zheng Shuyi met her ex-boyfriend Yue Xingzhou on the street. Yue Xingzhou not only showed off that he had bought a new car, but also said that he would go to work in Mingyu in a few days. Bi Ruoshan showed up and ridiculed Yue Xingzhou, and immediately drove him away.

Bi Ruoshan helped Zheng Shuyi make an appointment with Situ Yi, and Zheng Shuyi was very grateful. Zheng Shuyi has always regarded upgrading electronic journals as her career ideal, and she will not give up on her planned goals. Bi Ruoshan learned that Xu Yuling and Zheng Shuyi used the same outline for the interview. Now, if they want to win, they naturally need new interview content. Knowing that Zheng Shuyi had left something on Shi Yan's car, Bi Ruoshan asked Shuyi to take the opportunity to get close to Shi Yan.

Zheng Shuyi called Chen Sheng and used Chen Sheng's phone number to find Shi Yan to look for his lost earrings. He also said that the lost earrings were very important to him. They were valuable items left to him by his grandmother, and they were also his dowry. Shi Yan looked at the earrings in his hand and complained that Zheng Shuyi's dowry was made of plastic, but he finally agreed to Zheng Shuyi coming to pick up his earrings and told her the specific location of his home.

When Shi Yan came home, he saw his niece Qin Shiyue at home and told her to stay in her room and not come out. Zheng Shuyi came to Shi Yan's home and saw Song Lelan's photo in his home, misunderstanding that Song Lelan was Shi Yan's idol. Zheng Shuyi guessed that there were differences within Yunchuang about whether to invest in Le'an or Lieying. She saw from the interview that Shiyan focused on Le'an Technology, and she also knew that there must be different voices in Yunchuang's content. She was doing an exclusive interview with Chen Kang recently, and hoped that Taking the interview with Shiyan as an opportunity, we will conduct an exclusive series of interviews. Zheng Shuyi saw the handsome Shi Yan making lemonade for herself and couldn't help but become obsessed with him. Zheng Shuyi accidentally learned that Shi Yan's niece was at home and left in a hurry to avoid meeting.

Qin Shiyue wanted to study abroad, and said that the whole family was making money, and she only had time to spend and enjoy herself. Qin Shiyue found various reasons not to go to work, but Shi Yan refused by saying that the Shi family does not support useless people.

Zheng Shuyi accidentally overheard Xu Yuling complaining about Tang Yi's final choice of his manuscript in the company bathroom. He believed that Zheng Shuyi had seduced Shi Yan with his beauty and made Shi Yan's words during the interview more valuable, so he lost the manuscript. Zheng Shuyi told Tang Yi about Xu Yuling's stolen manuscript. Tang Yi said that Zheng Shuyi had proved himself with his strength this time, but also persuaded Zheng Shuyi to be merciful and merciful. After all, Shuyi still has a long way to go in the financial industry.

Shi Yan persuaded Qin Shiyue to go to work early in the morning. For this reason, he even threatened Qin Shiyue to stop some of her expenses if she did not go to work. Qin Shiyue was forced to compromise. After dinner, Shi Yan Yan specially sent her niece to work in a financial agency. As soon as Zheng Shuyi went to work, she was assigned by Tang Yi to lead a new intern, and the person she wanted to lead was Qin Shiyue. Zheng Shuyi didn't know Qin Shiyue's true identity and only thought that she was a second-generation ancestor whose family was rich. However, seeing that Tang Yi specifically asked her to teach, she could only choose to agree to help teach the interns.


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