Yunchuang was questioned by many parties, and media reporters also hoped that Shi Yan could come forward to express his views on the cooperation between Le'an and Dark Horse. Shi Yan declined all media invitations. Zheng Shuyi called Chen Sheng to interview Shi Yan about this matter. Chen Sheng told her that Shi Yan had declined all media invitations because he did not want to put the two companies at the forefront during the critical period of cooperation between Le'an and Dark Horse, so as not to affect the cooperation between the two companies. .

Zheng Shuyi didn't want to face the media until Shi Yan was under great pressure, but she warmly comforted him when Shi Yan returned home, hoping that he would tell some things to the media. Zheng Shuyi believes that words have attitudes and readers also have thoughts. She doesn't want Shi Yan to bear all this alone. Shi Yan said that he was not rejecting media interviews. He just did not want to cause more controversy at this stage. He believed that as long as there is a breakthrough in chip technology, everyone will know that this choice was correct.

Because other media reported the news about Yunchuang, Tang Yi hoped that someone from the financial agency could follow up on the news about Yunchuang. Zheng Shuyi took the initiative to follow up on the interview. Zheng Shuyi then took the initiative to interview Yi Yang, Chen Kang and others, and expressed her views on the cooperation between Le'an and Dark Horse. Because of Zheng Shuyi's interview report, readers gradually understood Shi Yan's practices. Shi Yan also thanked Zheng Shuyi for this report and took the initiative to agree to Zheng Shuyi’s request for an exclusive interview. Because of Zheng Shuyi's report, Directors Tian and Zhang also changed their views on Shi Yan and were willing to let Shi Yan run Yunchuang.

As the integrated media business began to take shape, Tang Yi handed over the project to Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi originally wanted to compete for the position of team leader of integrated media. She prepared her work report with confidence, thinking that she would definitely win the position of team leader. Unexpectedly, in the end, the editor-in-chief thought that Zheng Shuyi was too young and denied her promotion. Zheng Shuyi was very disappointed about this.

Shi Yan came to pick Zheng Shuyi off from get off work. Seeing that she was disappointed because she was not the team leader, she took the initiative to kiss Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi successfully regained his fighting spirit under Shi Yan's coaxing. Autumn turns to winter, and the first snow in Qing'an arrives as promised. Zheng Shuyi likes snow very much, and believes that people who get together in the first snow will stay together for a lifetime.

Qin Shiyue was successfully admitted by the financial agency, and Zheng Shuyi also encouraged her to continue her efforts to become an excellent reporter. Qin Shiyue came excitedly to tell Yu You the news, but she did not expect to see her uncle and Guan Ji there. , Shi Yan saw Qin Shiyue and Yu You showing off their affection in front of them for the first time, and teased Yu You for calling him "little uncle".

Lean Technology and Dark Horse Technology have made huge breakthroughs in the field of millimeter wave chips, and Yunchuang's investment has been considered a great success. A year later, Zheng Shuyi won the 10th Financial Journalism Award. Shi Yan accompanied Zheng Shuyi to receive the award. At the 7th Anniversary Appreciation Banquet of Le'an Technology, Chen Kang specially thanked Shi Yan for lending a helping hand during Le'an's most difficult time. Shi Yan was also very happy that Le'an has achieved today's success, and looked forward to Chen Kang taking Le'an further in the future. Create our own chips.

After the thank you banquet, Shi Yan took out the engagement ring and formally proposed to Zheng Shuyi, and Zheng Shuyi happily agreed to Shi Yan's proposal. Tang Yi was preparing to marry Guan Xiangcheng. She invited Zheng Shuyi to be her bridesmaid. Zheng Shuyi didn't know until this moment that the two had been a couple.

At the wedding of Guan Xiangcheng and Tang Yi, everyone gathered together and talked about relationship issues. Everyone was interested in the marriage of Shi Yan, Guan Ji and Yu You. Guan Xiangcheng simply suggested that the three of them have a collective wedding together. Shi Yan, Guan Ji They and Yu You are both determined to get married. Although the three brides say they are not in a hurry about marriage and will work hard on their careers, they all have high expectations for the future.


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