After Shi Yan calmed down from drinking, he planned to leave Zheng Shuyi's house. Before leaving, Zheng Shuyi changed the name of his note in Shi Yan's phone to his favorite name. Early the next morning, while having breakfast, Qin Shiyue accidentally saw the caller ID of her uncle Shi Yan's cell phone saying "Kiss the little baby", and she complained about her uncle Shi Yan's disgust. When asked by family members, Yan confessed that it was his girlfriend who called and promised to take his girlfriend home another day.

Tang Yi saw that Zheng Shuyi was in a good mood after returning from a business trip. When he learned that Zheng Shuyi was in love again, he told her not to delay work no matter who she fell in love with. Zheng Shuyi asked Tang Yi about his love life and encouraged Tang Yi to move forward if he likes someone. Guan Ji took the initiative to ask Tang Yi to meet. After the meeting, Guan Ji told Tang Yi that Guan Xiangcheng actually cared about Tang Yi very much. Guan Ji saw from Tang Yi's words that Tang Yi was afraid that he would not be able to repay the affection he owed Guan Ji after being together with Guan Xiangcheng. Guan Ji said that his father did not owe him anything, but instead gave him a lot of fatherly love and the best education. Now Guan Xiangcheng wants to give his love to Tang Yi. As his son, he hopes that Tang Yi can give Guan Xiangcheng a chance. Through the exchange with Guan Ji, Tang Yi thought a lot and promised to give Guan Xiangcheng an emotional explanation.

The Dark Horse Technology team is not mature enough, and Bruce also encountered some problems that need time and help to solve. Yi Yang thought for a long time and came to find Chen Kang to acquire Le'an. Although Chen Kang resented Le'an being acquired by Dark Horse, Yi Yang said that now the two Only by putting aside past grudges and working together can we win the future and opportunities.

Shi Yan came to pick Zheng Shuyi off from get off work, but Zheng Shuyi arranged to pick up Bi Ruoshan who had returned from a business trip. When Zheng Shuyi arrived at the airport, he learned that Song Lelan was also at the airport, and hurried over to ask for a photo, which made Shi Yan very confused. Zheng Shuyi finally got his wish and took a photo with Song Lelan as a fan. After Song Lelan left, Zheng Shuyi and Bi Ruoshan gossiped about Song Lelan's private life. Zheng Shuyi didn't believe the rumors that Song Lelan had a child in secret, and even made a bet that if Song Lelan had a child in secret, he would perform the chop on the spot. head.

Zheng Shuyi was glad that Shi Yan still stood by her side after overcoming deception and lies alone. She was also worried that one day Shi Yan would suddenly wake up and want to change her life path, and she was even more afraid that Shi Yan would leave her. She told Shi Yan her thoughts and hoped that Shi Yan would not deceive her because it felt really bad to be deceived. Zheng Shuyi said that he liked Shi Yan very much now, and it had nothing to do with any script. Shi Yan saw Zheng Shuyi's insecurity about this relationship, and clearly told Zheng Shuyi that the previous things were over with him. Zheng Shuyi is now the girlfriend she wants. She has nothing to do with anyone else and is no different from other couples.

On this day, Shi Yan specially came to pick Zheng Shuyi off from get off work. He thoughtfully bought Zheng Shuyi his favorite coffee and also gave Zheng Shuyi a Valentine's Day gift. Zheng Shuyi regretted that they missed New Year's Day and Spring Festival due to a misunderstanding, and complained that Shi Yan only made up for Valentine's Day gifts. Early the next morning, Shi Yan gave Zheng Shuyi other gifts, which made Zheng Shuyi very happy.

After get off work in the evening, Shi Yan accompanied Zheng Shuyi to have dinner. On the way, a young girl deliberately soiled Shi Yan's clothes and asked for Shi Yan's contact information. This made Zheng Shuyi jealous after witnessing the whole process. Shi Yan's sister Song Lelan called to inquire about Qin Shiyue's whereabouts, and learned that Shi Yan was having dinner with his girlfriend. Shi Yan wanted Zheng Shuyi to say hello to her sister, but Zheng Shuyi didn't know that the other party was his idol Song Lelan, so she politely declined the invitation to say hello. . After the meal, Zheng Shuyi asked Shi Yan to inquire about her sister, and learned that the other party did not work in Mingyu and was busy singing and dancing all day long.

Zheng Shuyi saw Qin Shiyue's financial report and praised her rapid progress. Qin Shiyue attributed this credit to her younger aunt Zheng Shuyi's good teaching. Xu Yuling heard the conversation between the two and asked someone to find out the identity of Qin Shiyue's uncle, mistakenly thinking that Zheng Shuyi was dating an older, rich man. After Zheng Shuyi heard the rumors, she learned from Kong Nan that Xu Yuling had spread the rumors. She angrily went to Xu Yuling and accused her of plagiarizing the outline, stealing interviews, and deliberately spreading rumors to ruin her reputation. Although Xu Yuling admitted that there was a feud between the two, But he did not admit that he spread the rumors.


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