Qin Lezhi found an opportunity for Yue Xingzhou to come to Yunchang for an interview. Yue Xingzhou came for the interview with confidence, but he didn't want to be seen by Shi Yan. Shi Yan's active appearance at the interview made Yue Xingzhou even more nervous, and the interview results were not ideal.

Zheng Shuyi continued to be responsible for Yunchuang's special report. She came to Yunchuang to work overtime with Shi Yan on weekends. However, when she came to Yunchuang, she found that Shi Yan was busy with work and completely ignored her. Shi Yan had long noticed Zheng Shuyi's boredom and simply let her go. Chen Sheng helped order two movie tickets and accompanied Zheng Shuyi to watch the movie.

Shi Yan and Zheng Shuyi came to the cinema to watch a movie and accidentally ran into Fiona. Zheng Shuyi saw that Fiona and Shi Yan were very familiar with each other and became jealous. He showed his possessiveness towards Shi Yan in front of Fiona from time to time. After the movie, Fiona invited Shi Yan to have dinner together, but Shi Yan refused because Zheng Shuyi was afraid of life.

Shi Yan saw Yi Yang asking Zheng Shuyi to have dinner with him. Although Zheng Shuyi refused the invitation, Shi Yan was still a little jealous. Zheng Shuyi said that he, Yi Yang and Yu You were just ordinary friends. He had just met Yi Yang by chance when he went to buy suitcases. , the two did not date together at all. Shi Yan learned that Zheng Shuyi bought the suitcase for a business trip and asked her to send her hotel and flight information.

Le'an was distracted and morale was low, and Chen Kang was also somewhat powerless. Shi Yan told Chen Kang that only a sober and determined manager could stabilize the morale of the army, and believed that Chen Kang would lead Le'an through the difficulties. Shi Yan also admitted that both Yunchuang and Lean were still young and would fall, but they should never be afraid of falling. Encouraged by Shi Yan, Chen Kang regained his confidence.

Qin Shiyue returned to work as a financial agency, and Zheng Shuyi asked Qin Shiyue to accompany him on a business trip. The two successfully completed the interview, and then visited the scenic spots in Qionghai together. When Shi Yan learned that Zheng Shuyi and Qin Shiyue were playing out of town after finishing work, he had no choice but to express that he missed Zheng Shuyi.

Yue Xingzhou was fired due to work mistakes. He drank to relieve his sorrow and missed Zheng Shuyi. When Qin Lezhi came to Yue Xingzhou's home, he found that he still missed Zheng Shuyi and accused Yue Xingzhou of being ungrateful. Qin Lezhi believes that what Yue Xingzhou loves most is only money and future, and he will love anyone who can give him money and future.

Qin Lezhi resigned from Yunchuang and left. She happened to meet Shi Yan in the elevator and told Shi Yan that her ex-boyfriend Yue Xingzhou was still thinking about Zheng Shuyi. Shi Yan confessed that she had a bad personality. If Qin Lezhi rushed to find her If he is not happy, he will settle old and new scores for Zheng Shuyi.

Shi Yan was busy with work and asked Master Fan to take Zheng Shuyi home from the airport. When Master Fan left, he accidentally saw the drunk Yue Xingzhou coming to look for Zheng Shuyi. He beat Yue Xingzhou and told Shi Yan about it. Shi Yan hurried from the banquet and happened to see Yue Xingzhou confessing that he regretted giving up Zheng Shuyi. He directly brought Zheng Shuyi home for a deep kiss, and then asked Zheng Shuyi to wait for him at home while he went to work first. After Shi Yan went out, he met Yue Xingzhou and warned him not to appear in front of Zheng Shuyi. If he saw Yue Xingzhou pestering Zheng Shuyi again, he couldn't guarantee that he would do something. Yue Xingzhou left in a hurry because of Shi Yan's warning.

When Shi Yan came back from work, Zheng Shuyi discovered that Shi Yan completely changed his personality after getting drunk, and coaxed Shi Yan to call him "baby". Zheng Shuyi did not want Shi Yan to return to his cold demeanor after sobering up, but Shi Yan said that no matter what Zheng Shuyi looked like They all liked him, and the drunken Shi Yan even deliberately bit Zheng Shuyi as evidence.


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