Zheng Shuyi originally wanted to return the skateboard given by Yi Yang, but in order to know what happened when she was drunk before, she could only go skateboarding as Yi Yang said. Later, she learned from Yi Yang that she cursed Shi Yan while drunk and was sent home by Shi Yan, which made her even more uneasy.

Director Tian's daughter Fiona returned to China after studying abroad. As soon as she returned to China, she came to Yunchuang to look for Shiyan. Even Director Tian could not do anything about her daughter. Zheng Shuyi had originally made up her mind to come to Yunchuang and wanted to find Shi Yan to explain the matter between the two of them face to face. However, when she saw a girl following Shi Yan, she decided to quit and left immediately. The next day, Zheng Shuyi learned from Kong Nan that Shi Yan's childhood sweetheart had returned from abroad and planned to go to Yunchuang to help Shi Yan.

Guan Ji brought Bi Ruoshan to the racecourse to see the foal, and Guan Xiangcheng brought Tang Yi to the racecourse, accidentally breaking up his son's relationship. Guan Xiangcheng strongly approved of his son's relationship. Bi Ruoshan saw Shi Yan at the racecourse and mocked him for blackmailing Zheng Shuyi. She also accepted an interview with Xu Yuling. Shi Yan denied this and said that Zheng Shuyi was the only one in her heart from beginning to end.

There were rumors in the industry that two shareholders of Yunchuang wanted to withdraw their shares. Tang Yi wanted to dig deeper into the content, but Xu Yuling's interview with Yunchuang was never in-depth enough, so she could only ask Xu Yuling to withdraw from the interview with Yunchuang. Tang Yi still hopes that Zheng Shuyi can take over Yunchuang's special interview again. She hopes that Zheng Shuyi can put aside his personal emotions for the time being. Zheng Shuyi was also worried about Shi Yan's situation, and she finally agreed to take over Yunchuang's special report.

Zheng Shuyi came to Yunchuang, and when she saw Shi Yan, she could only talk to him on the grounds of work. When Shi Yan saw Zheng Shuyi realizing that she was just for work, she was disappointed and drove him away. Media reporters gathered downstairs at Yunchuang to interview Shi Yan about his thoughts on shareholders withdrawing their shares. Shi Yan said that neither he nor Yunchuang could tolerate people and things that were not pure enough. He believed that problems encountered at work should seek common ground while reserving differences and solve problems together. , rather than just walking away.

Zheng Shuyi saw Shi Yan's attitude towards her and believed that the relationship between the two would never be restored. In order not to miss her, she took the initiative to delete Shi Yan's WeChat account. After finishing work, Shi Yan came to Zheng Shuyi's favorite seafood noodle restaurant. Thinking of the little things the two got along with, Shi Yan decided to take the initiative to contact Zheng Shuyi, but unexpectedly found that he had been deleted by Zheng Shuyi.

Qin Shiyue came to the University of Finance and Economics again to attend classes. Yu Cheng, a male classmate she had met before, learned that Qin Shiyue had no boyfriend and wanted to pursue her. Qin Shiyue thanked him for his love for her, but she could not accept this love. Yu You happened to see Yu Cheng's confession to Qin Shiyue, and he was relieved when Qin Shiyue rejected the other party's expression. Then Yu You took the initiative to take Qin Shiyue to the top of the mountain. He told Qin Shiyue that the two of them were not suitable, but he also liked Qin Shiyue. Qin Shiyue was very happy to learn that Yu You liked her, and thought that although the two of them didn't know each other well enough, it would be enough to increase their understanding. Lifestyle habits and hobbies are very unique things. There is no need to deliberately change them. If you like someone, you will accept everything about them. Yu You recognized Qin Shiyue's point of view, and the two officially confirmed their relationship.

Yi Yang accompanied Zheng Shuyi to the mall to buy suitcases. Qin Shiyue and Yu You happened to see Zheng Shuyi and Yi Yang when they were shopping. In order to help her uncle Shi Yan obtain information, Qin Shiyue and Yu You pretended to meet Zheng Shuyi by chance. He even deliberately sat down to eat with her. Qin Shiyue kept sending messages to Shi Yan while eating, praising Yi Yang for being careful and proactive, and urging Shi Yan to take the initiative to pursue Zheng Shuyi.


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