Qin Shiyue said that the thinking of men and women is completely different. There may be a misunderstanding between the uncle and Sister Shuyi, and girls sometimes are reluctant to express their inner thoughts just because they care. Shi Yan believes that if a relationship can reach the end, the two people must be honest. Love cannot be obtained through unconditional compromise and wrongedness by either party. Before pursuing love, one should clarify one's life goals, and only then can one know what kind of person to be with. People go through life. After listening to Shi Yan's words, Qin Shiyue was not sure whether she and Yu You were on the same channel. Seeing the message from Yu You, Qin Shiyue declined the idea of ​​accompanying him to get vaccinated.

Yi Yang introduced several entrepreneurs who had just returned to China to Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi interviewed these returnees and compiled a new manuscript. Yu You admired it very much after seeing the manuscript. Qin Shiyue also found it after reading the manuscript. own life goals.

Qin Shiyue came to the University of Finance and Economics again to attend a lecture. During the class, Yu You saw Qin Shiyue interacting with the boys at the same table, and felt a little jealous. After class, he not only asked and answered the knowledge points that Qin Shiyue did not understand, but also specially invited her to go to the cafeteria with him. Have a meal. Even if he met a student on the way who misunderstood the relationship between the two, Yu You didn't explain much. Professor Li came to visit Le'an. He highly recognized Le'an's scientific research environment, but he also said that his laboratory might not be of much help to Le'an. He suggested that Le'an could cooperate with Dark Horse, so that all problems can be solved.

Yi Yang invited Zheng Shuyi to attend EM's charity dinner. Zheng Shuyi learned that Shi Yan would also go to the dinner and agreed to Yi Yang's invitation. That night, Zheng Shuyi met Shi Yan after arriving at the dinner. The two looked at each other and neither took the initiative to move towards each other. At this time, Shi Yan's ex-girlfriend Beilin came to look for Shi Yan. Zheng Shuyi mistakenly thought that the two were about to get back together, so he was jealous and could only drink to relieve his sorrow.

Bei Lin regrets breaking up with Shi Yan and hopes to renew her relationship with Shi Yan, but Shi Yan thinks that if she misses the relationship, she has already missed it, and now he already has someone in his heart. On the other side, Yi Yang asked Zheng Shuyi why he couldn't give him a chance. Zheng Shuyi said that he had someone he liked very much and that he couldn't be together because of his own problems.

Shi Yan hurriedly bid farewell to Beilin and looked for Zheng Shuyi, only to find that the drunk Zheng Shuyi was preparing to climb a tree with Yi Yang. Shi Yan was worried about Zheng Shuyi's comfort and wanted her to get off the tree, but the drunk Zheng Shuyi acted coquettishly and asked Shi Yan to coax him. Shi Yan had no choice but to He called her "little fairy" and coaxed her down from the tree. The drunk Zheng Shuyi fell into Shi Yan's arms, complaining that Shi Yan had blackmailed him, and even bit Shi Yan deliberately. Shi Yan told Yi Yang that no matter what Zheng Shuyi wanted, he would give it to her, and Zheng Shuyi only wanted it from herself.

Shi Yan brought Zheng Shuyi back to the car, and Zheng Shuyi complained about how much he missed Shi Yan. Although Shi Yan still cared about whether Zheng Shuyi liked him, he still took the initiative to add Zheng Shuyi back on WeChat. When Zheng Shuyi woke up the next day, he didn't remember that he was sent home by Shi Yan. Yi Yang still didn't give up chasing Zheng Shuyi, which made Zheng Shuyi a little distressed.

Xu Yuling's Yunchuang special manuscript was rejected by Tang Yi. Xu Yuling, who was dissatisfied, thought that Zheng Shuyi was telling her behind his back to embarrass herself, and even mocked Zheng Shuyi for using special means in writing the manuscript. Zheng Shuyi was upset and asked Bi Ruoshan to have dinner. Bi Ruoshan also heard that Yi Yang was pursuing Zheng Shuyi. She was very optimistic about the young and enthusiastic Yi Yang.

When Shi Yan learned that Yi Yang spared no effort to pursue Zheng Shuyi, he was upset and asked Guan Ji to drink together. Guan Ji persuaded Shi Yan to take the initiative to ask Zheng Shuyi about the matter. However, Shi Yan believed that Zheng Shuyi's failure to contact him was the answer. Bi Ruoshan called Guan Ji and unexpectedly learned that Guan Ji was drinking with Shi Yan. Although she learned that Shi Yan was worried about emotional matters, she also expressed that Zheng Shuyi was not interested in Yi Yang. It’s totally unintentional, I’m currently preparing to focus on my career.


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