Shi Yan saw the manuscript of Zheng Shuyi's interview with Yi Yang in the circle of friends, and realized that he was not that special to Zheng Shuyi, and felt even more disappointed. Qin Shiyue came to Caida to look for a male classmate she had met before to borrow class notes to study. Yu You saw Qin Shiyue and took the initiative to invite her to have dinner with her.

Guan Xiangcheng was concerned about Shi Yan's emotional problems and learned that Shi Yan and Zheng Shuyi had emotional conflicts. He thought it was normal for young people to have quarrels and they should be more considerate and understanding of each other. However, Shi Yan thought that Zheng Shuyi had many people and things that he cared about now, and even more so. There are many options.

Yu You learned that Qin Shiyue came to school to borrow notes from classmates to study. He planned to send the courseware directly to Qin Shiyue, but Qin Shiyue said that he might not be able to understand the courseware. Yu You asked Qin Shiyue if he did not understand anything. You can ask yourself wherever you don’t know. Qin Shiyue discovered that Yu You actually cared about her, thinking that it was Yu You who discovered his importance, and decided to pursue Yu You in a distant and sometimes close way in the future.

Qin Shiyue asked herself to resign because of Shi Yan's instructions, but in order not to disappoint Yu You, she didn't want to resign and don't want the job. She specially came to the financial agency to ask Zheng Shuyi for a long leave. Zheng Shuyi learned that Shi Yan arranged for Qin Shiyue to take a long leave and thought that Shi Yan was doing it to keep people around her away from her.

Zheng Shuyi came to Yunchuang specially to meet Shi Yan, but Chen Sheng told her that Shi Yan had stopped the special cooperation between Yunchuang and the financial agency, and made it clear that she did not want to see Zheng Shuyi again. Zheng Shuyi took the initiative to send a message to apologize for the deception. Yan apologized, but also hoped that his mistakes would not affect the special cooperation between Yunchuang and the financial agency. This made Shi Yan misunderstand that Zheng Shuyi only cared about work, and completely blocked Zheng Shuyi's WeChat.

In order not to affect the special cooperation between the financial agency and Yunchuang, Zheng Shuyi specially sent an email to Shi Yan. She hoped that Shi Yan could continue to cooperate with the financial agency regardless of the past grudges, and she would also withdraw from this project. But Shi Yan was even more angry when he saw that Zheng Shuyi gave up on him so easily.

Shi's father came to Yunchuang Company for a meeting. The company's old shareholders were dissatisfied with Shi Yan's recent investment and proposed to let Qin Xiaoming manage all Yunchuang's businesses to prevent Shi Yan from making wrong decisions again due to lack of experience. Shi's father did not support the old shareholder's proposal, and Shi Yan also promised to take full responsibility to solve Le'an's problems.

Zheng Shuyi decided to withdraw from the special report on Yunchuang. Although Tang Yi was unwilling to make such an arrangement, in order to keep the special report on Yunchuang, he still agreed to hand over the special report to others. Xu Yuling secretly overheard that Zheng Shuyi had broken up with Shi Yan, and once again slandered Zheng Shuyi. She also believed that the opportunities that Zheng Shuyi had obtained through inferior means would eventually be lost. Now that she has taken over the Yunchuang project, she is naturally arrogant towards Zheng Shuyi.

Xu Yuling came to Yunchuang to take over the special interview, but Shi Yan made it clear that he would not accept interviews from two reporters on the same project, which disappointed Xu Yuling. Yi Yang came to pick Zheng Shuyi off from get off work and took her out specifically to find inspiration for writing. Yi Yang took Zheng Shuyi to the boxing gym to box. Zheng Shuyi relaxed through boxing and was very grateful to Yi Yang for his help.

Yu You contacted him after not seeing Qin Shiyue for a long time. He specially made an appointment with Zheng Shuyi to inquire about Qin Shiyue's whereabouts, and learned that Qin Shiyue had taken a long leave to rest. Yu You asked Zheng Shuyi and learned that her relationship with Shi Yan was tense. He told Zheng Shuyi that Shi Yan was not a stingy person and that Zheng Shuyi would be fine if he explained the matter clearly. After learning about Zheng Shuyi's apology, Yu You analyzed that Shi Yan might think that Zheng Shuyi only cared about his work and ignored his feelings, and asked Zheng Shuyi to deal with Shi Yan's emotional issues from this point of view.

Zheng Shuyi came to the riverside where she and Shi Yan had walked. Now she didn't know how to let Shi Yan know that she cared about him, but she didn't know that she happened to pass by Shi Yan on the riverside. Shi Yan asked Qin Shiyue if a girl had been pursuing a boy before but stopped taking the initiative because of some things. Qin Shiyue answered that girls would be tired if they kept taking the initiative, and boys should also learn to take the initiative.


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