Shi Yan asked Qin Shiyue to rest for a while before returning to Jiangcheng. However, Qin Shiyue did not want to return to Jiangcheng immediately, let alone go to work immediately. However, Shi Yan asked Qin Shiyue to choose to recuperate at home because Qin Shiyue was ill. Yu You saw the picture of illness sent to him by Qin Shiyue, and rushed to the hospital to visit Qin Shiyue, but he happened to pass by Qin Shiyue who was leaving.

Zheng Shuyi came to the aquarium early in the morning to wait for Shi Yan, but the agreed time had passed and Shi Yan still didn't show up. On the way back to Jiangcheng, Shi Yan decided to go back. He came to the side of the aquarium and watched Zheng Shuyi waiting for him from a distance. When Zheng Shuyi called to ask if Shi Yan would come to the aquarium, Shi Yan told Zheng Shuyi to "act with her" until Shi Yan already knew that he had deceived him.

Zheng Shuyi returned home in despair. Her parents saw that their daughter was worried, but they didn't know what the problem was. Shuyi's mother taught her daughter that if she encounters problems at work, she can seek help from Zheng's father. If she can't continue her job, she should resign and go back to her hometown, where her parents can afford to support her. If you encounter emotional problems, just bite the bullet and get over it. Your daughter is still young and will meet someone more suitable in the future. Although Zheng Shuyi admitted that she had made a mistake, her mother believed that time is hope and there is still hope for everything.

Yi Yang confirmed her home address from the circle of friends that Zheng Shuyi sent for her mother to canvass, and specially bought gifts and went to look for Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi's mother thought that Yi Yang was the boyfriend who made her daughter feel depressed, and she also specially taught Yi Yang how to make her daughter happy. . Zheng Shuyi's mother also went out to make room for her daughter. In order to pursue Zheng Shuyi, Yi Yang specially cooked delicious food for Zheng Shuyi. Although Yi Yang made no secret that he came to Qing'an for Zheng Shuyi, he also made it clear that there was no possibility between him and Yi Yang. .

After dinner, Yi Yang asked Zheng Shuyi to take him to Zheng Shuyi High School, but the school was closed and they had no chance to enter. Yi Yang originally wanted to take the opportunity to learn about Zheng Shuyi's past. Although he learned that Zheng Shuyi did have someone in his heart, Yi Yang also said that he would not give up his pursuit.

Guan Ji saw from his circle of friends that Bi Ruoshan was sick during the Chinese New Year. Worried, he came to Bi Ruoshan's hometown. Bi Ruoshan was helping her cousin choose a wedding dress when she was taken away by Guan Ji. Guan Ji misunderstood the relationship between the two. He did not want Bi Ruoshan to marry the other person. He confessed that he liked Bi Ruoshan very much, but the memory of his parents' divorce when he was a child made him think that marriage is not the end of every relationship, and that every relationship will eventually wither. He has always been He got along with Bi Ruoshan according to the rules of the two-person game, but he was also afraid that he would lose her if he got any closer. He had figured out the relationship between the two after being rejected by Bi Ruoshan last time. He wanted to establish an emotional relationship with Bi Ruoshan that gave each other a sense of security. He was willing to trade all his most precious things for a chance to be with Bi Ruoshan. Seeing that Guan Ji was finally willing to confess his heart, although Bi Ruoshan did not agree to marry him, she hoped that the two could start a new relationship from falling in love.

After going to work years later, Zheng Shuyi went to find Bi Ruoshan to accompany him because he was feeling depressed after a breakup. Bi Ruoshan analyzed Shi Yan and determined that he was very concerned about Zheng Shuyi approaching her and it was not because of him. Now that Shi Yan is angry and unwilling to contact Zheng Shuyi, Bi Ruoshan comforts Zheng Shuyi and decides whether it is time or not. It'll be fine once the feast is over. Zheng Shuyi spent one night at Bi Ruoshan's house and discovered the fact that her best friend was in love. She had to find an excuse to go home and stop disturbing her friend's life.

Zheng Shuyi came to interview Yi Yang again in response to readers' demand. Yi Yang suggested that Zheng Shuyi deliberately do a special topic on returnees returning to China to start their own businesses. He could also help introduce several interviewees. Zheng Shuyi had already had this idea, so he was naturally very happy.


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