Shi Yan specially came to pick Zheng Shuyi up from get off work and bought her warm milk tea. This made Zheng Shuyi feel how kind Shi Yan was to her, and made her feel more and more inseparable from Shi Yan. Finally waiting for the annual holiday, Zheng Shuyi declined Kong Nan's dinner invitation and planned to buy New Year's gifts for his parents overnight. Zheng Shuyi went to the mall alone to buy gifts for his parents. He accidentally met Qin Lezhi again in the mall. Qin Lezhi deliberately mocked Zheng Shuyi for climbing into a high branch. Unfortunately, the other person was a little older and had a wife and children. After Zheng Shuyi heard this, she confessed that her boyfriend was rich, but Qin Lezhi had to be respectful when seeing him, which left Qin Lezhi speechless.

Qin Shiyue came to Caida to look for Yu You. Yu You happened to be feeding the cat. Qin Shiyue liked to play with the cat but was scratched. Yu You quickly took Qin Shiyue to the hospital for rabies vaccination. Zheng Shuyi packed her luggage early in the morning and prepared to return to Qing'an for the New Year. Shi Yan also came early to pick her up at the high-speed rail station. Although Zheng Shuyi was reluctant to say goodbye to Shi Yan, he also knew that Shi Yan would be very busy during the New Year and understood that he would not have time to accompany her back to Qing'an. install.

Zheng Shuyi's parents were very happy to receive the New Year's gift from their daughter, and they were even more proud that their daughter was excellent and filial. Guan Ji couldn't contact Bi Ruoshan and learned from her colleagues that Bi Ruoshan had gone home for the New Year. He quickly found Bi Ruoshan's hometown, but unexpectedly saw Bi Ruoshan chatting with a man about wedding planning, which made Guan Ji very panic.

After Zheng Shuyi returned home, she contacted Bi Ruoshan and learned that she was helping her cousin plan a wedding. She was excited to help Bi Ruoshan find a partner after the new year, and decided to use her experience to help her best friend filter out scumbags. Qin Shiyue received a message from Yu You reminding her to get the vaccine. She was very happy that Yu You still cared about her, and deliberately asked Yu You to accompany him to get the vaccine on the grounds that she was afraid of injections.

Guan Ji waited downstairs for Bi Ruoshan until she came home. He admitted that he liked Bi Ruoshan, but Bi Ruoshan believed that Guan Ji's love was just a desire to conquer and possessive, and he could not accept an uncontrollable person like her. Bi Ruoshan believed that there could be no outcome between the two. She begged Guan Ji to let her go, so that they would not disturb each other in the future and be safe.

On New Year's Eve, Shi Yan called Zheng Shuyi specifically. Both of them missed each other a little and looked forward to seeing each other soon after the new year. Zheng Shuyi's parents originally wanted to take Zheng Shuyi to have dinner with Yu You's family after the New Year. Zheng Shuyi knew that her parents wanted to bring her and Yu You together, but she decisively rejected their parents' kindness and said that she had already made arrangements for her relationship. Shi Yan's family and Guan Ji's family celebrated the New Year together. Everyone was very happy to finally get together.

After the New Year's Eve dinner, Shi Yan had a video chat with Zheng Shuyi and learned that Zheng Shuyi was going to attend his senior's wedding after the new year. He planned to visit Zheng Shuyi in Qing'an after the new year. Qin Shiyue was a little unsatisfied when she saw Shi Yan come back from the video call. She guessed that he was calling his girlfriend. Shi Yan admitted in front of his family that he already had a girlfriend, but he still did not reveal his girlfriend's identity in front of his family without permission. .

In order to outshine Qin Lezhi at the wedding, Zheng Shuyi chose several sets of clothes and asked Shi Yan to help choose. When Shi Yan learned that Zheng Shuyi was going to meet someone important, he wanted to see Zheng Shuyi as soon as possible, so he decisively decided to go Qing'an.

Zheng Shuyi came alone to meet her senior. Considering her relationship with Yue Xingzhou, the senior originally wanted to place Zheng Shuyi at the table of relatives. Unexpectedly, Zheng Shuyi was pulled to the table of classmates by her classmates. Someone from a classmate asked Yue Xingzhou, and Zheng Shuyi directly confessed that the two had broken up.


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