Zheng Shuyi arranged for Qin Shiyue to go back and make a summary after listening to the chip conference. Although Qin Shiyue took notes of the meeting, there were still many things he didn’t understand. After learning about it, Yu You suggested that Qin Shiyue should focus on grasping the trends and trends in the chip industry. Dynamic, some nouns that are mentioned repeatedly can be marked first and then go back and check in detail. After instructing Qin Shiyue on how to write a summary, Yu You invited Qin Shiyue to leave together.

Zheng Shuyi couldn't sleep at night after getting enough sleep during the day. When Shi Yan learned about it, he took the initiative to take her to watch a movie. While Zheng Shuyi was watching a movie, she posted her movie tickets on WeChat. Qin Shiyue mistakenly thought that Zheng Shuyi's father was watching the movie with her, and she was very envious of Zheng Shuyi's father for having time to spend with his daughter. Unexpectedly, Shi Yan took the initiative to like Zheng Shuyi's post after seeing it. This made Qin Shiyue think that her uncle's late-night likes were not in line with his usual behavioral logic, and speculated that he had an unrequited love for Zheng Shuyi.

Qin Shiyue was worried that Yu You would watch a movie with Zheng Shuyi late at night, so she took the initiative to go to Yu You's room to verify. But Qin Shiyue couldn't find any reason to knock on the door to look for someone, so he lingered at the door of Yu You's room. The hotel front desk saw Qin Shiyue acting suspiciously and called Yu You and Guan Ji in the room to pay attention to their safety. Guan Ji saw that it was Qin Shiyue and took the initiative to open the door and ask. Qin Shiyue did not confess the reason for being here.

Guan Ji found Bi Ruoshan late at night and wanted to talk to her about their relationship issues. Guan Ji noticed that Bi Ruoshan had been avoiding him recently, and he confessed that his feelings for Bi Ruoshan were not just for fun. For a long time, he had no experience in maintaining a long-term and stable relationship, let alone confidence. When Bi Ruoshan began to escape from him, he confirmed Bi Ruoshan's importance to him, but he also needed time to think about the relationship between the two. Guan Ji hoped that Bi Ruoshan would stop avoiding him and give herself some time to think about it. Bi Ruoshan promised not to avoid him anymore, but also said that she also needed time to think about other things.

After the movie, Shi Yan took Zheng Shuyi back to the hotel and happened to be seen by Bi Ruoshan and Guan Ji. Bi Ruoshan said that she and Guan Ji met by chance. Zheng Shuyi explained that she also met Shi Yan by chance. Seeing that Zheng Shuyi deliberately concealed their relationship, Shi Yan's heart Very dissatisfied. In order to verify whether Yu You was accompanying Zheng Shuyi to watch a movie, Qin Shiyue deliberately invited Yu You to watch the same movie. As a result, Yu You asked Qin Shiyue to rest early because of his tight schedule tomorrow.

Qin Shiyue declined Shi Yan's invitation to attend the summit forum together and came to visit the company's exhibition hall by herself, where she happened to meet Yi Yang. Yi Yang originally wanted to tell Zheng Shuyi the content of yesterday's forum alone, but unexpectedly, Shi Yan was the first to send the forum recording to Zheng Shuyi. In order to get a chance to get along with Zheng Shuyi, Yi Yang took Zheng Shuyi to participate in the summit forum.

At the summit forum, Yi Yang was invited to the stage to give a speech, but unexpectedly Shi Yan was also invited to the stage for an interview. The host asked the two how they viewed the competition between Le'an and Dark Horse. Both said that the company is a battle between gentlemen. No matter whether the final leader is Le'an or Dark Horse, it will be of no benefit to consumers. One harm. Shi Yan also said that even if the dark horse takes the lead in the end, Le'an would be happy to see the result, but Yunchuang still has confidence in Le'an.

After the summit forum, Shi Yan was about to take Zheng Shuyi to have lunch with him. At this time, Yi Yang appeared in front of the two of them. Shi Yan took the initiative to reveal his relationship with Zheng Shuyi as boyfriend and girlfriend, but Yi Yang refused to be outdone and said that he was pursuing Zheng Shuyi. Regarding Zheng Shuyi, Yi Yang wanted to have a gentleman's dispute with Shi Yan. However, Shi Yan said that Zheng Shuyi could not be a bargaining chip in the competition between the two, and Zheng Shuyi also had the right to choose the person he liked.

Qin Shiyue could wait for Yu You at the door of the forum after the meeting. She invited Yu You to have lunch with her, and this time Yu You happily agreed. Qin Shiyue wants to get closer to each other by eating together. Even if Yu You has no expectations for their relationship, Qin Shiyue does not intend to give up pursuing Yu You.

Shi Yan said that the competition between Le'an and Dark Horse is very likely to lose, and Yunchuang may also fail in the investment, but now he can stand up again even if he loses. Zheng Shuyi also said that he will always be with Shi Yan, regardless of success or failure. , both of them can face it together.

The old shareholders of Yunchuang believe that Shiyanshe Zhanlan and the investment aggregation are all a small gain, but Shi Yan, Yu You and others believe that the aggregation's research and development of core technologies will definitely allow them to grow slowly, and even eventually surpass Zhanlan, and this The opportunity may be that Yunchuang Investment can win a big victory.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, Shi Yan arranges for Chen Sheng to prepare New Year's goods, and also asks Chen Sheng to prepare a New Year's goods for his family. Shi Yan invited Zheng Shuyi to have dinner with him, but Zheng Shuyi was afraid of Shi Yan's kindness to him, and even more afraid that Shi Yan would know that he had deceived him. She told Bi Ruoshan her worries, but Bi Ruoshan believed that relationships were not necessary for Shi Yan. If Shi Yan knew that she had been cheated when her relationship with Zheng Shuyi was still unstable, it would only make their relationship doomed.


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