Shi Yan ignored Zheng Shuyi's request for a kiss and pushed her into the room to rest. Shi Yan accidentally met Qin Shiyue in the hotel. Qin Shiyue explained that she came to study at the chip conference. When she learned that she had come to Fucheng with Guan Ji, Shi Yan told Qin Shiyue to study hard. Shi Yan originally wanted to take Zheng Shu's advice to see her niece, but Zheng Shuyi didn't want to see her niece "Qin Lezhi". She declined Shi Yan's request on the grounds of work.

After Shi Yan finished his work, he had a small gathering with Guan Ji and Yu You. Guan Ji saw Shi Yan replying to messages and inquired and learned that Shi Yan already had a girlfriend. Shi Yan did not reveal his girlfriend's name, saying that he would wait until his girlfriend wanted to make it public. Tell Guan Ji and Yu You. Guan Ji asked about the love story between the two, and Shi Yan said that the other party may have flirted with the wrong person but he flirted with the right person. Shi Yan asked about Yu You's love life. Yu You admitted that the right person for him is not interested in him, but the unsuitable person is interested in him. Yu You has also been thinking recently that emotional affairs should be two-way, no. You should use problem-solving methods to find objects.

Zheng Shuyi was very worried about seeing Shi Yan's niece "Qin Lezhi", and even more worried that after bumping into him, Shi Yan would realize that he approached him in order to retaliate against Qin Lezhi. Zheng Shuyi and Shi Yan came to the chip conference. In order to avoid seeing Shi Yan's niece, Zheng Shuyi asked Shi Yan to enter the chip conference first. She excused herself to meet a friend, and they met in the lecture hall later.

Zheng Shuyi did not see Qin Lezhi at the chip conference but met Qin Shiyue. After the two exchanged a few words, Qin Shiyue hurriedly left when he saw Yu You's figure. Qin Shiyue went to Yu You to say hello. Yu You was a little jealous when he learned that Qin Shiyue came to Fucheng with Guan Ji.

Zheng Shuyi came to the lecture hall. Shi Yan, Yu You and Yi Yang saw her at the same time. The three of them invited Zheng Shuyi to sit down together. Zheng Shuyi was extremely embarrassed and finally sat next to Shi Yan on the grounds that she was invited by Shi Yan. In order to communicate with Zheng Shuyi, Yi Yang specially changed seats with others to be next to Zheng Shuyi. Shi Yan held Zheng Shuyi's hand in public to show his possessiveness.

Yu You accidentally ran into Qin Shiyue when he went to buy coffee. In order to get closer to each other, Qin Shiyue asked Yu You to call herself "Xiaoyue" in the future. Yu You did not agree in person, so Yu You took the initiative to help Qin Shiyue buy it too. Qin Shiyue was very happy.

Guan Ji met Bi Ruoshan and her colleagues interviewing at the chip conference. He took the initiative to arrange Bi Ruoshan to be with him in the guest area, but Bi Ruoshan refused on the grounds of inappropriateness. In the middle of the meeting, Zheng Shuyi felt unwell and wanted to go back to the hotel. Shi Yan arranged for someone to take her back to the hotel to rest. During the intermission of the banquet, he learned that Zheng Shuyi had gone back to the hotel to ask for painkillers. He was worried and returned to the hotel to visit Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi was feeling unwell, tossing and turning and couldn't sleep. When she saw Shi Yan coming to see her, he acted coquettishly and let Shi Yan coax her. Accompanied by Shi Yan, Zheng Shuyi gradually fell asleep.

Zheng Shuyi was woken up by her mother's phone call, and her mother once again urged her and Yu You to go out to eat and watch a movie. Although Zheng Shuyi emphasized that she had a style she liked and did not like Yu You's, her mother obviously did not believe her. Shi Yan heard Zheng Shuyi's call and asked if her family was urging her to go on a blind date. Zheng Shuyi had no choice but to explain that he was choosing a pet dog.

Bi Ruoshan came to visit Zheng Shuyi who was feeling unwell. When she saw that Shi Yan thoughtfully prepared lunch for Zheng Shuyi, she praised Shi Yan as a filial boyfriend. Zheng Shuyi felt guilty when facing Shi Yan's kindness, and wanted to take the initiative to confess her original intention of approaching him. But Bi Ruoshan believed that now was not the time to confess. If Shi Yan knew that Zheng Shuyi had deceived her and chose to break up, could Zheng Shuyi accept the consequences?

Shi Yan came specially to meet Professor Li, hoping that he could help Le'an Technology build China's chip technology. Professor Li also admired Chen Kang and promised Shi Yan to consider cooperating with Le'an in the laboratory to exchange and learn together. Senior Chen of Zheng Shuyi University invited her to attend the wedding on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. Zheng Shuyi agreed to attend, but then she also learned from Senior Chen that Yue Xingzhou was going to bring Qin Lezhi with him.


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