Yi Yang expressed very directly that he liked Zheng Shuyi and her writing style, and being interviewed also allowed Zheng Shuyi to understand her excellence and all aspects. Zheng Shuyi bluntly said that the two were not suitable, and did not deny that she already had someone she liked. Yi Yang believes that most people's love choices are instant choices, so it is not necessarily a perfect choice. Zheng Shuyi can take an exclusive interview to compare herself and her boyfriend to make a better choice.

Zheng Shuyi said that her boyfriend is very good, and she is not afraid of comparing her boyfriend with Yi Yang, but she believes that there is no need to compare if she likes him. Zheng Shuyi learned that Yi Yang's interview was very valuable, and she said that she would consider Yi Yang's invitation for an exclusive interview.

Tang Yi also learned that Zheng Shuyi had concerns and did not accept Yi Yang's manuscript. When he asked the reason, he learned that Yi Yang was pursuing Shuyi's interest in writing through the manuscript. Zheng Shuyi said that she would not let love affect her career, but she also made it clear that she would not sacrifice love for her career. In her heart, these two things are equally important. Tang Yi understood Zheng Shuyi's principles and agreed with her to think carefully about the interview. Zheng Shuyi planned to go to the chip conference in Fucheng over the weekend. She decided to leave on Friday and specifically told Tang Yi about it. Tang Yi learned that Shi Yan had brought Zheng Shuyi to attend the chip conference and speculated that the two were in a relationship. Zheng Shuyi this time Didn't deny it.

Tang Yi saw Zheng Shuyi's bravery in dealing with love, and called Guan Xiangcheng to ask if Guan Xiangcheng was unhappy when he concealed things about his relationship. Guan Xiangcheng felt that he also had many problems. Couples should tolerate and understand each other. Guan Xiangcheng Tell Tang Yigong that it is not important to keep the relationship secret, but that the two have a good relationship is more important.

Zheng Shuyi took the initiative to tell Yi Yang from Shiyan Dark Horse Technology to ask her for a manuscript, and also offered to publish the interview in an electronic magazine. However, the other party still confessed to her, but Zheng Shuyi said that she had sternly rejected the other party's confession and also praised her boyfriend. very talented. Shi Yan learned of Zheng Shuyi's concerns and expressed his support for any decision Zheng Shuyi made. He was even more confident that Zheng Shuyi might like him more after interviewing Yi Yang. Shi Yan also expresses his hope that Zheng Shuyi's light will become more and more dazzling, and his own light will become more and more dazzling to complement Zheng Shuyi's, until he can no longer tolerate others.

Qin Shiyue told Zheng Shuyi that she and Yu You went to see a movie after watching the exhibition. She also made it clear that she liked Yu You a little. She originally wanted to visit Yu You's house, but Yu You refused. Qin Shiyue learned from Zheng Shuyi that Yu You might attend the Fucheng Chip Conference on the weekend, and she asked Guan Ji to take her there with him on the weekend. Because Guan Ji wanted to take Qin Shiyue with him, he declined Bi Ruoshan's request to go with him, which made Bi Ruoshan a little disappointed.

Zheng Shuyi came to Dark Horse Technology to interview Yi Yang, and the two had a great conversation about the content of the interview.

Shi Yan asked the driver Master Fan to pick up Zheng Shuyi and go to Fucheng for a meeting. Zheng Shuyi packed his luggage and was about to leave. He met Yue Xingzhou downstairs. Yue Xingzhou asked Zheng Shuyi if she had an affair with a married woman and advised her to return when she lost her way. This made Zheng Shuyi Very angry, he directly stated that his boyfriend had come to pick him up. Yue Xingzhou recognized the car as Shi's family car and suspected that Zheng Shuyi was retaliating against him. Zheng Shuyi ridiculed him for thinking too highly of himself.

Shi Yan and Yi Yang met at the wine shop. Someone at the table brought up Yi Yang's poaching of Bruce. Yi Yang pointedly pointed out that what the other party said was wrong. Shi Yan also said that Dark Horse and Le'an were in healthy competition, and Bruce had his own ideas. , I also respect the other person’s ideas. Yi Yang also said that there is no conflict between the two, and Dark Horse and Le'an may cooperate in the future.

When Zheng Shuyi came to Fucheng Hotel, he didn't see Shi Yan, so he had to keep sending messages to Shi Yan to be coquettish because he hadn't eaten yet. When Shi Yan saw Zheng Shuyi's message, he hurriedly ended the wine party and prepared to go back to the hotel to accompany Zheng Shuyi. On the way, he learned that Zheng Shuyi came to the night market alone for a midnight snack. He rushed to the night market and saw Zheng Shuyi being entangled by gangsters. He decisively dealt with the gangsters and took Zheng Shuyi away.

Shi Yan was angry that Zheng Shuyi went out alone, and Zheng Shuyi was also angry that Shi Yan left him alone in the hotel. In the end, Shi Yan accused Zheng Shuyi of being too beautiful to attract people. Seeing Zheng Shuyi acting coquettishly in front of him, Shi Yan kissed Zheng Shuyi directly in the elevator. Although Zheng Shuyi was very shy, she still applied to let Shi Yan do it again.


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