After Yue Xingzhou separated from his lover, he saw Zheng Shuyi's bracelet beside the car and realized that Zheng Shuyi had discovered the truth of his betrayal. He hurriedly came to look for Zheng Shuyi. After Zheng Shuyi returned home, she packed up her boyfriend Yue Xingzhou's things, and then waited for her boyfriend to come and apologize. But what disappointed her was that Yue Xingzhou immediately broke up with her after arriving. Yue Xingzhou said that he loved Zheng Shuyi very much, but he couldn't stand the hard-working life now. He didn't have that much motivation and ambition, let alone Zheng Shuyi's ideals. The current lover's family conditions are very good, and even the other person's uncle's license plate has consecutive numbers, so he doesn't need to work hard to be with the other person. Zheng Shuyi didn't realize her boyfriend's shamelessness until now. She threw the things she packed to Yue Xingzhou and drove him away.

Because Zheng Shuyi was broken up in love, she called her friend Bi Ruoshan to complain about her ex-boyfriend Yue Xingzhou. After complaining about her ex-boyfriend, Zheng Shuyi decided to turn her grief and anger into strength, and planned to continue conquering Shiyan at work. But Zheng Shuyi was still dissatisfied that he lost to a car. With Bi Ruoshan's comfort, Zheng Shuyi decided to work hard and make Yue Xingzhou regret going.

The next day, Zheng Shuyi came to the financial agency and told editor-in-chief Tang Yi that she did not make an appointment for the banquet last night and would contact Chen Sheng today to continue to arrange an interview time. Tang Yi saw Zheng Shuyi's haggard face and guessed that Yue Xingzhou was cheating, so he persuaded Zheng Shuyi to talk Falling in love requires a well-matched person, because she had long felt that Zheng Shuyi and Yue Xingzhou were not a good match, and it would be better to break up now.

In order to change Zheng Shuyi's mood, Tang Yi arranged for her to interview Chen Kang from Le'an Technology. After Zheng Shuyi came to Le'an Technology to interview Chen Kang, she felt hungry and came to the bakery to buy food. She unexpectedly saw Yue Xingzhou and his new girlfriend Qin Lezhi also coming to the bakery. Qin Lezhi saw Zheng Shuyi's figure and wanted to declare his sovereignty. Zheng Shuyi sarcastically liked the second-hand goods.

Zheng Shuyi was very angry because she saw Yue Xingzhou and Qin Lezhi. In a blink of an eye, she saw the Shiyan car coming to Le'an Technology outside the bakery, and misunderstood that the car was Qin Lezhi's uncle's car. In anger, Zheng Shuyi decided After the interview, the owner of the car was found after the banquet, so that Yue Xingzhou could not even enter the Qin family. On the other side, Shi Yan had just finished arranging work matters when he saw Zheng Shuyi coming to the car and taking the initiative to strike up a conversation. Zheng Shuyi was surprised to see that the person in the car was actually Shi Yan, so he could only change his story and said that he came specifically for an interview, but Shi Yan rejected Zheng Shuyi's request for a ride and asked her to find an assistant to arrange an interview time.

Tang Yi was worried that Zheng Shuyi would not be able to interview Shi Yan, so he could only call Xu Yuling to ask her to revise the manuscript. If Shi Yan's interview manuscript could not be obtained, Xu Yuling's manuscript could only be published in next week's weekly magazine. Zheng Shuyi found Bi Ruoshan to inquire about Shi Yan's family relations, and learned that he did have a niece named Qin. The Shi family is very good at protecting privacy. After Shi Yan left the Shi family, the media reported less on him.

In the following days, Zheng Shuyi kept looking for Chen Sheng to make an appointment for an interview, but Shi Yan was busy until midnight every day, and Zheng Shuyi never made an appointment. Shiyan raised the issue of Lieying at the company meeting, but the company's shareholders had objections to this, and the shareholders hoped that Shiyan would disclose the relationship between Mingyu and Yunchuang in a timely manner, so that the public could know about Yunchuang's relationship. strength.

Shi Yan finished his work for the week ahead of schedule and asked Chen Sheng to arrange an exclusive interview with Zheng Shuyi during his lunch break the next day. Xu Yuling heard in the company that Zheng Shuyi had determined the time for the interview banquet, and she felt jealous and secretly took away Zheng Shuyi's interview outline. Bi Ruoshan gave her friend an idea and asked Zheng Shuyi to dress dignified and elegant yet charming when interviewing Shi Yan, so as to attract Shi Yan's attention.


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