Shi Yan took Zheng Shuyi out to see the stars. Zheng Shuyi said that he had not prepared camping equipment, but Shi Yan said that he had everything ready. It turned out that before that, Shi Yan had booked a private room on the top floor and bought a cart of roses to give to Zheng Shuyi.

Qin Shiyue's family celebrated the New Year with Guan Ji and his son. Guan Ji saw Qin Shiyue busy sending WeChat messages and asked her if she was single this year. Qin Shiyue was in the sweetness of love, so he only explained that her feeling was related to Ji, the prodigal son, would not understand.

Shi Yan accompanied Zheng Shuyi to the hotel balcony after dinner to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks. Although the two did not officially confirm their relationship, they still felt that it was very sweet to celebrate the New Year together. Shi Yan wanted to take the opportunity to confess his love, but seeing Zheng Shuyi wishing for a smooth career in the coming year, he had to give up temporarily and asked the waiter to deliver his order to Shi Huaiman at the Shi family's old house. This made Zheng Shuyi a little disappointed.

Qin Shiyue took the opportunity to pay New Year's greetings and asked if he could pursue Yu You, but Yu You said that they were not suitable and that he did not intend to make mistakes emotionally. Zheng Shuyi told her best friend Bi Ruoshan that tonight Shiyan had prepared a cart of roses but did not give them to her, and she did not say her confession. Bi Ruoshan learned that Zheng Shuyi's New Year's Eve wish was actually an upgraded e-magazine, and commented that Zheng Shuyi's idea was too strange. No wonder Shi Yan did not choose to confess his love at that time.

Zheng Shuyi took Bi Ruoshan to Guan Xiangcheng's racecourse. The two unexpectedly met Shi Yan and Guan Ji at the racecourse. Guan Ji was very happy to see Bi Ruoshan here and took the initiative to take him to visit the racecourse. Tang Yi was also invited to Guan Xiangcheng's racecourse. She saw Zheng Shuyi playing again. In order to avoid meeting, she asked Guan Xiangcheng to take her to the winery to taste new wine.

Guan Ji specially helped Zheng Shuyi and Bi Ruoshan choose tame horses to ride on, and he also offered to teach them how to ride horses. Shi Yan was angry and deliberately made things difficult for Zheng Shuyi. Bi Ruoshan saw that there was a problem between Shi Yan and Zheng Shuyi, and persuaded Zheng Shuyi in the dressing room to act coquettishly towards Shi Yan. If Shi Yan cared about her, it would definitely be useful. Zheng Shuyi, however, was not familiar with them at all, and Shi Yan was like a kite to her. She would be closer and farther away, so she couldn't figure out Shi Yan at all.

Shi Yan heard the conversation between Zheng Shuyi and Bi Ruoshan in the locker room. After Bi Ruoshan left, he took the initiative to help Zheng Shuyi fasten his belt. He also deliberately behaved intimately with Zheng Shuyi and asked why they were not familiar with each other after meeting yesterday. What Zheng Shuyi did to Shi Yan I was surprised and didn't understand why he was acting like this suddenly.

Guan Ji taught Bi Ruoshan how to ride a horse and talked about why he likes horse riding. Guan Ji said that riding a horse made him feel unfettered and infinitely close to freedom. Bi Ruoshan also liked the feeling of freedom. In this regard, the two of them had the same preferences. While resting while riding, Shi Yan asked Zheng Shuyi why he deliberately approached him when he was riding for the first time. Zheng Shuyi said that it was all for interviews at first. After all, both Yunchuang and Shi Yan were attractive to him.


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