Just when the two people came to the river, Shi Yan looked at the woman in front of him and began to ask her what her plans were for the future. Without waiting for the other person to continue talking, Shi Yan looked at the other person's performance and hurriedly put on his coat. He took it off and put it on.

Zheng Shuyi in front of her suddenly began to feel very surprised. At this moment, she stood blankly in the cold wind, letting the other person bring her cheek closer. When Shi Yan was about to kiss her, she didn't expect a call from her niece, and she was immediately shocked. He felt particularly impatient and hung up the phone in a hurry. Zheng Shuyi, who was standing next to him, started to feel too embarrassed again.

After Qin Shiyue hung up the phone on the other side, after seeing her brother-in-law's reaction, she began to suspect that the other party was dating her girlfriend. Even when her friend passed by, she analyzed her inner thoughts and happily said After receiving the news, Yu You talked about the surprise she had sent to the other party. After hearing what she said, Professor Yu You noticed that the gift in front of him was from the other party.

On the other side, Qin Shiyue happily sent a message and was about to invite the other party to have dinner together. Unexpectedly, she was still rejected harshly. Seeing the other party's decisive refusal, Qin Shiyue felt deeply in her heart. Is very unhappy.

After finishing his business, Shi Yan went to the opposite door early the next day and waited for the people inside to come out. Then the two of them got in the car together. Seeing that the other party specially prepared hot coffee for him, Zheng Shuyi felt very sad. I was so proud and passed happily.

Then Zheng Shuyi deliberately ran to Mr. Jiang's room and was about to start working. Unexpectedly, the other party still planned to ask her to wait at the door. In this case, the people outside the door heard what he said and rushed over without hesitation. Went in and introduced myself.

After entering the main topic, Zheng Shuyi listened to the other party's entrepreneurial journey over the years, and continued to ask the other party to talk about the battery accident. After completing the work, Mr. Jiang also specifically explained that he would ask the other party to do more after returning. He said a few nice words for his company. After all, it is not easy to establish a company. Sometimes, it only takes one or two words to destroy it. After listening to these words, Zheng Shuyi continued to express his views and prepared to do business. After going out, she did not accept the gift from the other party at all, and continued to go out to eat with Shi Yan.

After Professor Yu You on the other side finished teaching the students, Qin Shiyue, who had come all the way over, made an invitation to have dinner together. The professor who saw all this directly called people into the office and said The things returned to their original owners, and this time he was determined to reject the young girl in front of him, but he didn't expect that Qin Shiyue still didn't look discouraged.

Unexpectedly, when Zheng Shuyi went to complete the task at work, he would meet his ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend by chance. When the other party knew that it was her, she took a look at her clothes. Zheng Shuyi himself waited for a long time and did not see her. Seeing the figure, Shi Yan severely criticized the person over there after knowing this situation.

After meeting the people, Mr. Qiu began to severely criticize the people in the company. Unexpectedly, when Zheng Shuyi got off the elevator again, he happened to meet Shi Yan. The two people who got off the elevator remained silent. Zheng Shuyi stayed in the room to complete the work. After drinking lemonade, Zheng Shuyi learned about the things Shi Yan had done for him from outsiders. He was very moved and later offered warm water to work with him.


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