When Zheng Shuyi went to work, he found that Qin Shiyue was worried about the work arranged by Xu Yuling. After learning about the situation, Zheng Shuyi said that writing manuscripts was to export opinions and communicate with readers, rather than simply relaying other people's opinions. Zheng Shuyi taught Qin Shiyue to have her own judgment on what others said and not to blindly follow arrangements. She helped Qin Shiyue check for omissions and fill in the gaps in her previous draft.

With the help of Zheng Shuyi, Qin Shiyue completed the manuscript before getting off work. Zheng Shuyi praised Qin Shiyue's understanding, which made Qin Shiyue very happy. Shi Yan learned from Qin Shiyue that Zheng Shuyi worked overtime and came to the magazine to pick her up after get off work.

Zheng Shuyi walked out of the magazine and happened to meet a dessert shop boy he knew who saw her late at work and specially gave her dessert. When Shi Yan saw that Zheng Shuyi was so popular, he felt jealous and decisively hugged Zheng Shuyi into his arms to show his possessiveness. He also specially gave the dessert to her The fee is passed on to my brother. Xu Yuling accidentally saw Shi Yan picking up Zheng Shuyi from get off work and couldn't help but guess that the two were really related.

Shi Yan noticed that Zheng Shuyi was hungry and offered to take her to dinner. Zheng Shuyi took Shi Yan to his favorite seafood noodle restaurant for a late night snack. Zheng Shuyi ordered seafood noodles and was just enjoying it. Unexpectedly, he saw his ex-boyfriend Yue Xingzhou and his classmates coming to eat noodles. Zheng Shuyi had to find an excuse to leave temporarily. Unexpectedly, Shi Yan overheard the conversation between Yue Xingzhou and his classmates, and learned that Yue Xingzhou turned out to be Zheng Shuyi's ex-boyfriend.

Zheng Shuyi was not in the mood to eat noodles because she met her scumbag ex-boyfriend, so she had no choice but to endure hunger and leave at any time. After Shi Yan sent Zheng Shuyi home, he went back to the noodle shop and packed a portion of seafood noodles for Zheng Shuyi, which made Zheng Shuyi feel sweet about Shi Yan's meticulousness and consideration. Zheng Shuyi specially thanked Shi Yan for this, and Shi Yan told Zheng Shuyi that there was no need to starve himself for unimportant people in the future.

Because Xu Yuling guessed the relationship between Zheng Shuyi and Shi Yan, she took the initiative to bring coffee to Zheng Shuyi and was always humble at work, which made everyone very uncomfortable. At the end of the year for the magazine, Tang Yi asked Zheng Shuyi about his arrangements for interns. Zheng Shuyi saw that Qin Shiyue now had basic writing skills, and planned to take her with her to prepare a special report on Yunchuang. However, Qin Shiyue thought that she was now She was not capable enough to take over Yunchuang's special report, so she had to say that she could help Shuyi share other tasks.

Yu You found someone taking pictures on his behalf during class. He called Qin Shiyue after class and asked him not to arrange for them to take pictures on his behalf. His current class was about some basic content. If Qin Shiyue didn't have time, he could study by himself at home. Qin Shiyue's manuscript was too critical. Tang Yi originally wanted Qin Shiyue to polish it up and revise it. However, Qin Shiyue believed that this was a manuscript that had a point of view, an attitude and was realistic, so she directly refused the revision. After Zheng Shuyi learned about this, he also praised Qin Shiyue for being very conscious and told Shi Yan about it.

Zheng Shuyi talked about how Qin Shiyue often went to the University of Finance and Economics recently to listen to Professor Yu You's classes. In order to make Shi Yan jealous, Zheng Shuyi specially praised Yu You in front of Shi Yan, and also praised Yu You for looking younger and more cheerful than Shi Yan. , when Shi Yan heard Zheng Shuyi praising other men, she felt jealous and took Zheng Shuyi directly to visit her medal room to show her how good she was.

Shi Yan talked about why he chose to leave Mingyu and found Yunchuang Company. Zheng Shuyi admired Shi Yan's courage. He broke the original pattern to insist on practicing his dreams and vision, and he is now doing very well. Seeing Zheng Shuyi praising him, Shi Yan asked for a reward, and Zheng Shuyi was moved and took the initiative to kiss Shi Yan. Shi Yan originally wanted to invite Zheng Shuyi to accompany him on a business trip in two days. Zheng Shuyi felt shy because he suddenly kissed Shi Yan and left Shi Yan's home in a hurry.

Two days later, Shi Yan, who was on a business trip to Ancheng, met Zheng Shuyi at the airport who was on the same business trip. Shi Yan decisively took Zheng Shuyi with him, and after arriving in Ancheng, he arranged for Zheng Shuyi to stay in the same hotel as him.


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