Tang Yi told Xu Yuling that he could not give her the front page this month because Zheng Shuyi had already handed in the first draft of the interview about Guan Xiangcheng this morning. With Guan Xiangcheng's status, the editor naturally had to reserve the front page for this interview. Xu Yuling wondered how Zheng Shuyi had seduced Guan Xiangcheng, thinking that Zheng Shuyi had even lost his personality in order to win the front page. Tang Yi naturally understood Zheng Shuyi's character and asked Xu Yuling not to say unfounded things.

Because she lost her front page status, Xu Yuling accused Zheng Shuyi of targeting her. In order to interview Guan Xiangcheng, she must have used her beauty to seduce others. Zheng Shuyi was not angry, but thought that if he took advantage of her beauty, Xu Yuling would not have the chance to stand in front of him and say such things.

Tang Yi learned that Shi Yan had authorized Zheng Shuyi to publish a special interview on Yunchuang in the e-magazine. Tang also agreed that Zheng Shuyi would try this feature in the e-magazine. If it does well, he can continue to do it. Qin Shiyue went home for dinner with her mother and uncle. At the dinner table, she talked about what happened in the office today. From Qin Shiyue's words, Shi Yan learned that Zheng Shuyi was very popular, and boys often came to show their courtesy in the company. Shi Yan felt a sense of crisis in his heart, and Zheng Shuyi happened to invite him to dinner to thank Shi Yan, and Shi Yan decisively agreed to have dinner together on the weekend.

Zheng Shuyi dressed up well and wanted to go to the banquet on the weekend, but her mother suddenly came and took her to have dinner with Yu You. Zheng's mother praised Yu You a lot, and kept bringing Shuyi and Yu You together at the dinner table. Qin Shiyue wanted to take advantage of the weekend to ask Yu You to watch a movie together, but Yu You refused because he was accompanying his elders. Qin Shiyue asked Zheng Shuyi to watch a movie together instead, but Zheng Shuyi said that he was accompanying his mother, which made Qin Shiyue very depressed.

Zheng Shuyi originally wanted to go find Shi Yan after eating, but her mother left her and Yu You to continue getting along on the grounds of taking a walk. He also specially bought movie tickets and arranged for the two of them to watch a movie together, which made Zheng Shuyi very helpless about her mother's arrangement. Zheng Shuyi had no choice but to send a message to Shi Yan to apologize and explain the reason. He hoped to invite Shi Yan to dinner next time.

Although Qin Shiyue watched the movie alone, she informed Yu You about the content of the movie while watching the movie. Yu You accidentally discovered that Qin Shiyue happened to be watching the movie in the same movie theater as him. At the end of the show, Zheng Shuyi also accidentally saw Qin Shiyue. In order to prevent her secret from being revealed, she secretly left the cinema.

Qin Shiyue met Yu You at the entrance of the cinema. She didn't find anyone watching the movie with Yu You, so she simply asked Yu You to send her home. The gentleman Yu You did not refuse. Qin Shiyue found lipstick in Yu You's car and mistakenly thought that his girlfriend had left it in the car. Yu You saw her misunderstanding and did not explain the matter.

Zheng Shuyi came home and found Shi Yan waiting in the community. Shi Yan heard the phone conversation between Zheng Shuyi and her mother and asked who Zheng Shuyi was playing with today. Zheng Shuyi saw the domineering Shi Yan in front of him and actually fantasized about being banged by him. Faced with Shi Yan's questioning, Zheng Shuyi had no choice but to lie about watching a movie with his mother, and then hurried home.

Zheng Shuyi's interview with Guan Xiangcheng aroused a very good response from the public. Even Shi Yan's brother-in-law wanted to be interviewed. Therefore, Yan Yan asked Chen Sheng to contact Zheng Shuyi to arrange an interview time. Zheng Shuyi had no time to prepare a feature article, so he had to recommend his colleagues. Nannan went to interview. Because Zheng Shuyi's interviews became popular, many people contacted Tang Yi to make appointments, and Tang Yi asked Zheng Shuyi to arrange these interviews.

Qin Shiyue went to Yu You's class again. She originally wanted to ask Yu You to have dinner with her after class, but Yu You refused because of something, which made Qin Shiyue very disappointed. After Qin Shiyue returned to the company, Xu Yuling accused her of not being serious about her work and even arranged work to embarrass Qin Shiyue. Qin Shiyue was forced to work overtime in order to complete her work. Unable to bear the grievance, Qin Shiyue complained to Shi Yan that the work was too tiring and she wanted to resign.

Qin Shiyue saw Yu You playing ball at the stadium from her circle of friends. In order to find out how many love rivals she had, she decisively went to the stadium to look for Yu You after work. Qin Shiyue invited Yu You to have dinner with him and said that she wanted to ask him about his relationship problems. You refused Qin Shiyue's invitation because he was already thirty years old.


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