Zheng Shuyi is the ace reporter of Financial Weekly. Zheng Shuyi, who just lost the interview that day, decided to improve her interview script again in order to better interview Mingyu Yunchuang CEO Shi Yan. However, her colleague told her that the editor-in-chief had to write the interview for Mingyu Yunchuang. After recommending Xu Yuling over the phone, Zheng Shuyi had already missed the opportunity to attend the interview. However, Zheng Shuyi believed that only with strength can she write excellent articles, so she decided to improve her interviewing skills.

On the other side, Shi Yan also received an exclusive interview notice from the financial agency. Shi Yan believed that the interview should be an enlightening chat and reflection. He was dissatisfied with the reporter Xu Yuling recommended by the financial agency, but liked Zheng Shuyi's interview outline. Zheng Shuyi came to meet editor-in-chief Tang Yi. Although she regretted not being able to interview Shi Yan, she thought from another perspective that today was her boyfriend's birthday, so she had time to spend with her boyfriend. But Tang Yi told Zheng Shuyi that Mingyu Yunchuang finally arranged a banquet for Zheng Shuyi to go to interview. Zheng Shuyi decisively gave up celebrating her boyfriend's birthday and instead chose the rare opportunity of interviewing at the banquet.

Shi Yan checked his work schedule and asked his assistant to arrange Zheng Shuyi's interview location at the Shi family's old house. After Zheng Shuyi and her colleagues gossiped about Shi Yan's past, they thought that Shi Yan had never appeared in the media. If Shi Yan could record exclusive videos or audios for electronic publications, it would definitely attract many readers. Zheng Shuyi decided to let his leaders see that he had the ability to lead the upgrade of the electronic journal, and then monetize the content to meet the human and financial resources required for the new version of the electronic journal.

Shi Yan negotiated with Mr. Li from Lieying Company. Although the two companies had a relationship in the past, Shi Yan was dissatisfied with the plan proposed by the other party. He believed that the essence of investment was to buy future value and hoped that the other party could come up with a satisfactory plan to obtain it. Yunchuang’s investment. On the contrary, Shi Yan saw the core technology of Le'an Group and was interested in investing in Le'an Group.

Because Guan Ji invited Shi Yan to attend a dinner at Warner Manor, and he wanted to introduce financier Yu You to the dinner, Shi Yan temporarily decided to attend the dinner and asked his assistant to change the interview time with the financial agent. Zheng Shuyi called her boyfriend Yue Xingzhou and said that she would have an interview banquet tonight. She had been preparing for it for two months. She could only regret that she could not celebrate Yue Xingzhou's birthday. Although Yue Xingzhou was a little regretful, in the end, she still supported Zheng Shuyi's work. Just as Zheng Shuyi was about to leave to interview Shi Yan, Shi Yan's assistant Chen Sheng informed her that the interview time had been changed. Zheng Shuyi didn't want to miss next week's special issue, so she found out that Shi Yan's friend Guan Ji was having a dinner at Warner Manor, so she decided to look for Shi Yan specifically.

Zheng Shuyi came to Warner Manor, hoping that Shi Yan could take time to be interviewed. After seeing Zheng Shuyi, Chen Sheng forwarded her request to Shi Yan. Shi Yan did not have time to be interviewed tonight, so he could only ask Chen Sheng to arrange a car to send Zheng Shuyi away. Zheng Shuyi saw someone discussing Yu You at the dinner. She inquired and learned that Yu You would be the youngest professor at the University of Finance and Economics. Zheng Shuyi felt uncomfortable during her menstrual period, so Yu You gentlemanly brought her a cup of hot water. After the two got to know each other, they chatted a few financial topics. Zheng Shuyi took the opportunity to ask for Yu You's contact information. Shi Yan saw Zheng Shuyi at Chen Sheng's reminder. He wanted to say hello but was unexpectedly interrupted by Guan Ji who arrived, so Zheng Shuyi missed meeting Shi Yan.

Guan Ji solemnly introduced Guan's strategic advisor Yu You to everyone at the dinner, and then let Yu You and Shi Yan get to know each other. The three of them named themselves the Three Musketeers of Jiangcheng, and they will work together for a win-win situation in the future. Zheng Shuyi was waiting in the rain for her boyfriend Yue Xingzhou to come pick her up. After the banquet, she accidentally discovered that Zheng Shuyi had not left yet. He wanted to give her a ride, but Zheng Shuyi misunderstood that the other party was chatting with her, so she took the initiative to say that she already had a boyfriend and refused her kindness. . After Zheng Shuyi declined the other party's kindness, he unexpectedly discovered that the other party might be the person he wanted to interview, and he couldn't help but regret it.

Yue Xingzhou received Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi was very sorry that she could not spend her birthday with her boyfriend and smelled the perfume in the car. However, she did not misunderstand her boyfriend. Instead, she thought it was the smell of perfume used by her boyfriend's good brother. After Zheng Shuyi came home, she accidentally found that her mobile phone was left in her boyfriend's car. She located her mobile phone and found that it was in the hospital. She was worried that something might happen to Yue Xingzhou and hurried to the hospital. But when Zheng Shuyi came to the hospital, she saw Yue Xingzhou hugging a woman at the entrance of the hospital. After kissing her, she realized that her boyfriend had betrayed her.


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