Wang Yan thought about it for a long time and returned the ticket money and ticket stubs that had been hidden for eight years to Ning Youzhu. He also said that he helped Zhang Kaixin find a famous doctor, and their classmates could take turns to take care of them. Ning Youzhu agreed at once, but her number was not available. Change, we have to be good. Wang Yan and Ning Youzhu walked in the opposite direction, but Wang Yan turned his head reluctantly. At the social gathering that year, Ning Youzhu was favored by two male classmates. Wang Yan was full of resentment beside him, and finally took Ning Youzhu's hand directly to prevent her from leaving. Ning Youzhu looked angry, but was very sweet in his heart. .

In fact, Zhang Doukou has always liked Zhang Kaixin very much. She was very sad when she saw Zhang Kaixin deliberately flirting with Ning Youzhu, so she told Ning Youzhu that Wang Yan had never looked for her, which caused their misunderstanding. Wang Yan has been in a messy mood recently. Many netizens are begging for the ending of him and Ning Youzhu, hoping that they can be together. At the same time, Zhang Kaixin's condition became more and more serious, and he vomited on the hospital bed every day.

Even so, Zhang Kaixin still misses Ning Youzhu and Wang Yan, and doesn't want them to be separated. When Wang Yan came to the hospital, the atmosphere with Ning Youzhu was a bit strange. Ning Youzhu was leaving, and Zhang Kaixin deliberately asked her to stay and take care of herself, hoping that she would spend more time with Wang Yan, which was one step closer to his last wish. Zhang Kaixin thinks that Wang Yan and Liang Xinzhen have divorced, and only hopes that Ning Youzhu will leave with her boyfriend as soon as possible, and hope that they will fulfill his last wish together sooner. Zhang Kai made a new privilege and asked Ning Youzhu and Wang Yan to help him buy food together. The two had no choice but to go together.

Zhang Kaixin was not good. He pretended to be relaxed in front of them, but he didn't want to put too much pressure on them. Hong Dafang was very worried when he saw this. Wang Yan and Ning Youzhu came to buy food together and had a meal together. Wang Yan chatted non-stop, but Ning Youzhu didn't say a word, as if it had changed before. Wang Yan tried to liven up the atmosphere and asked each other about each other's relationship status, but was quickly interrupted by Ning Youzhu. She wanted to know, but she didn't want to know. Zhang Kaixin was lying on the hospital bed and called his grandmother. He also told his grandmother that he had gone abroad. Wang Yan persuaded him that they would know sooner or later, but Zhang Kaixin did not want his grandmother to be sad for too long.

Wang Yan uncovered his scars, hoping that Zhang Kaixin would understand the importance of company and think about it from his grandmother's point of view. After having known each other for so long, this was the first time Wang Yan mentioned that his parents divorced and his father died on New Year's Eve, and everyone was stunned. Zhang Kaixin mentioned that when Wang Yan let his pigeons go to Ning Youzhu's house for Chinese New Year, the atmosphere was lively.

Recalling that one day in the freshman year, Ning Youzhu was angered by Wang Yan's words and bit him fiercely, and ended up going to the medical room to bandage. Friends encouraged Ning Youzhu to teach him a lesson, but Wang Yan still couldn't bear it, looking at the wound on his arm and fell into contemplation.


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