There were rumors again on the Internet that Ning Youzhu was pregnant and became pregnant out of wedlock. Ning Youzhu's mother had called and scolded her, and asked Ning Youzhu to bring her boyfriend back. While arguing with her mother, Ning Youzhu received countless attention on the bus. Ning Youzhu collapsed a little, she really wasn't pregnant! But even if it was repeated countless times, no one believed the fact that she was not pregnant.

Hong Dafang, Lai Shou and others were anxious about Ning Youzhu and Wang Yan. They managed to make them move forward a little bit. Qiu Yuhan started the live broadcast by himself, but directly made them each step back 50,000 steps, which is really profound. But Qiu Yuhan didn't feel that she had done anything wrong. She saw Ning Youzhu pregnant with her own eyes, because she had witnessed Ning Youzhu vomit in the bathroom. Qiu Yuhan has always disapproved of matching Ning Youzhu and Wang Yan, after all, they have missed it. However, Qiu Yuhan soon discovered the truth. It was because Ning Youzhu ate carrot cake that day that she vomited, not because she was pregnant.

Liang Xinzhen didn't set up the red line today, and even cooked for Wang Yan himself, which surprised Wang Yan. It's rare for Liang Xin to not talk about work, he just wants to have a chat with him. But Wang Yan's performance was unsatisfactory, Liang Xinzhen was a little sad, and their relationship seemed to be really hopeless. Wang Yan's attitude has not changed. Liang Xin really wanted to know if Ning Youzhu's child was Wang Yan's. Wang Yan was a little speechless, he was not so unbearable. Wang Yan proposed a divorce, because Liang Xinzhen had been asking for a divorce, and he just agreed. Liang Xin was really sad, and the two quarreled again. Wang Yan said in a fit of anger that he wanted to get Ning Youzhu back, and they could get a divorce. Liang Xin is so angry that she will never divorce Wang Yan!

Wang Yan was eating alone in the restaurant, and he looked very depressed. The two people at the next table wanted to encourage him, settled the bill for him, and asked someone to hand him a note. Wang Yan received a hot call, and Ning Youzhu's friends never stopped trying to match them. Zhang Kai invited Ning Youzhu to meet. In fact, he organized a party of nine suns to match Wang Yan and Ning Youzhu, but he didn't expect it to be like this. At the last meeting, they all thought that Wang Yan and Liang Xinzhen were going to divorce and wanted to match Wang Yan and Ning Youzhu. This is everyone's plan. Ning Youzhu was very angry when he learned the truth. If it wasn't for the last meeting, this kind of thing would not have happened. Zhang Kaixin also invited Wang Yan to meet. Wang Yan saw that Ning Youzhu was a little dull, and Ning Youzhu was about to leave in anger. Both Lashou and Ning Youzhu were tricked by Zhang Kaixin, and even Wang Yan thought that Ning Youzhu was pregnant.

Zhang Kaixin said that he wanted to tell them a story. At the concert eight years ago, he deliberately kissed Ning Youzhu to anger Wang Yan, but he didn't expect this to happen. Zhang Kaixin can guarantee that the person Wang Yan loves is Ning Youzhu, and the person Ning Youzhu loves is Wang Yan. Zhang Kaixin said that his last wish was that they could reconcile. While talking, Zhang Kaixin vomited blood and fell to the ground, and was then sent to the hospital. It turned out that Zhang Kaixin had cancer and was about to die. At the last meeting, Zhang Kaixin told everyone the news and hoped that everyone could help them fulfill this wish.

Hong Dafang rushed to the hospital and told Wang Yan and Ning Youzhu what Zhang Kaixin meant. He hoped that they would get back together naturally, so he didn't want to tell them about it. Zhang Kaixin has no time, this is his only wish. Ning Youzhu and Wang Yan were silent when they heard the words. A lot of things have happened in the past eight years, which cannot be changed by Zhang Kaixin's words and thoughts. But Zhang Kaixin just wants them all to be happy and at least to be good friends. Is it difficult? The past came to my mind, the days of classmates are nostalgic, Zhang Kaixin has never broken his oath. Now, Wang Yan and Ning Youzhu want to do something for Zhang Kaixin. So, Ning Youzhu, Wang Yan and Qiu Yuhan started a live broadcast together, wanting to clarify some things, and I hope everyone will stop misunderstanding, Ning Youzhu is not pregnant! Wang Yan hopes that Ning Youzhu's boyfriend will treat her well, and Ning Youzhu's future will be good too. The two looked at each other, and the air stopped abruptly.


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