Ning Youzhu did not intend to listen to Wang Yan's explanation, and silently dragged the heater to go home. Wang Yan came to help her, but Ning Youzhu still stubbornly refused. Ning Youzhu insisted on buying an old heater, and almost quarreled with the store. Hong Dafang quickly pulled Ning Youzhu out and apologized to the store. On the way, seeing those people taking pictures, Ning Youzhu once again broke out and stepped forward to quarrel with them. Wang Yan and others caught up to stop them, hoping that Ning Youzhu would calm down. Zhang Doukou never thought of hurting her, everyone. They didn't want to hurt her, and Wang Yan didn't think they were a fire pit together. Although he asked Ning Youzhu to wait for him for three days, he went to find Ning Youzhu for those three days.

Ning Youzhu didn't think so. They were together every day for four years in college, and they had an affair for four years. As a result, they hurt her so deeply that she suddenly jumped out eight years later. Wang Yan was deeply hurt by Ning Youzhu's words. The two quarreled again on the street. Ning Youzhu cried and said that it was too late. She now has a boyfriend and is living a good life.

Liang Xinzhen shed tears silently when he saw the video of their quarrel tonight. Ning Youzhu and Wang Yan were drinking in the company of their friends. Ning Youzhu wanted to be alone and let them go home, but everyone couldn't worry about her. Hong Dafang couldn't bear to tell Ning Youzhu that she actually shot that video, so Ning Youzhu received so much attention. Ning Youzhu didn't believe it. At this time, he received a call from Bi Jiada and turned around to find that he was behind him. Bi Jiada came over with an affectionate face, and Ning Youzhu took him and introduced him to his friends. Bi Jiada said that he would take Ning Youzhu to the beach because there was something very important to tell him. Wang Yan couldn't help but tell Bi Jiada not to let Ning Youzhu walk around dragging the heater in the future, but the two of them said no more in unison.

Bi Jiada said that he got the role of the second male lead and gave him a deposit. Bi Jiada was talking about his role vividly, but Ning Youzhu was looking at his mobile phone, and Bi Jiada was a little lost. Every day Bi Jiada will go to the crew, and the two will be separated for a long time. Wang Yan was depressed all night, and returned to the car holding Ning Youzhu's electric heater. Liang Xinzhen has been watching the video of Wang Yan and Ning Youzhu arguing, and can't sleep at night.

The next day, after Ning Youzhu sent Bi Jiada away, he felt a little depressed. Ning Youzhu took sick leave today, made up her sleep at home, and spent a lonely day alone. Waking up the next day, Ning Youzhu was almost late. Annie thinks that Ning Youzhu's investment in Bi Jiada is not worth it, and thinks that she can't waste any more time. Ning Youzhu is said to be a little guilty. They all voted for Wang Yan, and Ning Youzhu was unhappy.

In the company, Wang Yan and Liang Xinzhen had a quarrel in their departments, and the two were also very unhappy. Colleagues in the department couldn't stand it. Liang Xinzhen deliberately targeted Wang Yan, and he also heard about Wang Yan and Ning Youzhu. Qiu Yuhan opened a live broadcast to help Ning Youzhu and Wang Yan clarify, talking about the incident when Ning Youzhu was injured and took the opportunity to test Wang Yan's mind. Wang Yan went to the sorority party with Ning Youzhu on his back, and stubbornly stayed by her side, but all the boys who talked to him were interrupted by Wang Yan. Qiu Yuhan said in the live broadcast that he was very excited, saying that Ning Youzhu already had a fiancé and was the top three male in the entertainment industry. Liang Xinzhen suddenly called and asked Wang Yan, your girlfriend is pregnant, is it yours?


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