Ning Youzhu came to the hospital early in the morning and met Qiu Yuhan at the front desk. She came to find the hot hand. Ning Youzhu hurriedly took Qiu Yuhan to Lashou's ward. Seeing her coming, Lashou suddenly remembered what happened at the university. During college, Qiu Yuhan and Lai Shou secretly fell in love, and La Shou secretly surprised her, but the two were not sure about their relationship. Qiu Yuhan stepped forward to say hello to Hot Hand, but Hot Hand took a few steps back, seemingly unable to face it. Qiu Yuhan hasn't contacted everyone in recent years. Now she is married, but she is still very sad to see Hot Hand's sick appearance.

Qiu Yuhan said that he would often come to see Hot Hand in the future. Seeing that the atmosphere between the two was a bit strange, Ning Youzhu got up to leave, but was stopped by Hot Hand. Qiu Yuhan and Lashou have not been in touch since their sophomore year, but in fact, they have known each other since high school. At that time, Zhang Kaixin announced in class that he was going to this high school for a talent. Even the opening remarks of the university said the same. . Ning Youzhu tried his best to reconcile the atmosphere, but he didn't expect Hot Hand to be so dedicated. He liked Qiu Yuhan alone from high school to university. It's not that Qiu Yuhan hasn't contacted Hothand these years, or that Hothand ignored her.

During school, Lai Shou often followed her secretly to take her home. Qiu Yuhan gradually got used to it, and even began to look forward to the photos Lai Shou sent every day. At that time, the relationship between Qiu Yuhan and Hot Hand developed by leaps and bounds. With great progress, Qiu Yuhan finally summoned up the courage to ask Hot Hand to meet. This was her first time dating a boy, but he didn't come. Afterwards, Qiu Yuhan asked why the hot hand didn't come, and wanted to give him a chance to explain. Qiu Yuhan is going to transfer schools, because her mother saw those photos, they may never have contact again in the future.

The hot hand did not answer Qiu Yuhan, but went to find other girlfriends and messed around with flowers. Only then did Ning Youzhu realize that Wang Yan didn't go because Wang Yan wanted to write and cut the book. Ning Youzhu was a pity for them, but Qiu Yuhan said that she and Wang Yan were the same. Ning Youzhu sighed. After graduation, everyone has changed, and they have become different. Qiu Yuhan asked Ning Youzhu to help hand over his address and phone number to Hot Hand, maybe he would like to know. The reason why Qiu Yuhan was able to find the hospital where Hot Hand was staying was because of the photo studio where he didn't show up for his last appointment.

Bi Jiada had been filming action scenes for a day, but was scolded by the director for not being able to film well every time. Zhang Doukou advised him not to get too excited, but to calm down and not ask for good intentions to make good scenes. After Wang Yan returned to the hotel, Liang Xinzhen came. Liang Xinzhen was a little mocked when he saw that he lived in such a big room by himself, and it seemed that he was not doing well. But Wang Yan did not have Liang Xinzhen's rules and regulations, and actually lived very well. Liang Xinzhen's mother came. She didn't know how to explain to her mother. If she knew that their marriage had reached such a level, the consequences would be unimaginable. Wang Yan helped Liang Xinzhen get stomach pain medicine and comforted her to calm down. From now on, she would learn to take care of herself.

Liang Xinzhen took a hot bath and came out, and Wang Yan sighed and went to dry her hair. Liang Xinzhen asked him if he proposed to him at first, because of her or because of his father lying in the hospital bed? Wang Yan's silence gave Liang Xinzhen an answer, and Liang Xinzhen was very sad. Wang Yan sent Liang Xinzhen back home and faced Liang's mother together. Mother Liang found a lot of divorce agreements at home, and had already been aggressively waiting for an explanation.


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