Yang Mi injured her eye on the set of "Escape from the Secret Room" reality show on July 9th, 2022. They have not stated how she got the injury, but she had her hands covering her eye and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Netizens and fans were worried, and around 12 am midnight Yang Mi's studio issued a statement:  “To all friends and those who care for Xiao Mi. Xiao Mi was accidentally injured during the filming of today’s program and has been sent to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.  According to the doctor's diagnosis, there was trauma to the corner of the eyelid and the corner of the eye. They performed stitches to close the wound, and the treatment went smoothly. Fortunately, the inside of the eye was not injured. She is stable, and the checkup will follow the doctor’s order for recovery and treatment. The studio will treat Xiao Mi’s health and recuperation as a first priority, as well as coordinate and arrange the follow-up work according to the situation."

The program's production team also issued an open letter to apologize to Yang Mi, stating that they will seriously review and conduct safety education for all departments to ensure safety protocols are strictly implemented to secure the well-being of their guests and crew members.

This isn't Yang Mi's first brush with injury when working behind the camera. The mainland Chinese starlet has also had an unreported knee injury in June of 2020. In both incidents, it was first noticed by the fans / netizens, who then reported it on social media sites before the studio or production team had even said anything. When the studio and production team did make a statement, it was vague and there was not  any information regarding how Yang Mi acquired her injuries. Netizens and fans are upset and demand that the studio - if they do care at all for Yang Mi -- should treat the safety and well being of Yang Mi as top priority before signing her on to any project.


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