One of my all time favorite Chinese actress, Yang Mi, has demonstrated exceptional generosity as an employer. Her employees are privileged to receive significant year-end bonuses, ranging from five to six figures. Beyond monetary rewards, Yang Mi treats her staff to international trips and shares products she endorses with them. Her kindness has resonated with many, leading to her endearingly being referred to as a "dream boss" by online users.

Yang Mi left Jay Walk Studio in May and subsequently established her own independent management company named Tianyi Entertainment. This new venture was founded with her mother and her new manager, Shi Yao. Reports indicate that Yang Mi's mother holds 60% of the shares, while Shi Yao holds 30%, leaving the remaining 10% undisclosed. This move allows Yang Mi greater freedom in her career and management decisions. Tianyi Entertainment's roster of artists has not been disclosed, but this step marks a significant transition for Yang Mi after her departure from Jay Walk Studio, where she had been a key figure for a decade.

Yang Mi is dedicated to empowering and offering excellent opportunities, support, and protection to all the artists under her management. Notable talents like Dilraba Dilmurat, Vengo Gao, and Zhang Yunlong have achieved significant success with her guidance. However, despite their growth under her mentorship, they eventually departed from her company, a move that some online users perceived as a betrayal. 

Upon the artists' decision to part ways, Yang Mi conveyed appreciation for their shared history and extended well wishes for their future paths. The announcement swiftly gained traction on Weibo, with fans expressing support and enthusiasm for Yang Mi's choices. This indicated a smooth transition, with no lingering animosity among the parties involved.

This exemplifies Yang Mi as a true "Dream Boss," showcasing her not only for her generosity in providing substantial bonuses but also for supporting her staff's choices without harboring any grudges.


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