On April 2, 2023, Korean boyband member from TREASURE, Yoon Jae-hyuk, suffered minor burns after being caught in an equipment malfunction at their recent concert in Bangkok, Thailand.  A flamethrower near the stage ignited at the wrong time for an unknown reason, causing the flames to catch Yoon Jae-hyuk, who was passing by. He immediately moved away from the equipment and made sure that his clothes were not on fire before heading backstage to receive medical attention. He sustained minor burns and returned to the stage with a bandage covering his right hand, which had been closest to the flamethrower. He assured fans that the accident hadn't done any damage. He received basic emergency treatment before returning to perform with his band members.

Later, he shared an update with his fans, saying that he put ointment on his wound. Fans expressed concern about the safety of performers and the need for better safety measures at concerts.



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