Fans are up in arms over recent news that Hong Kong's golden couple Tony Leung and Carina Lau have been living separately now for a considerable amount of time. After several decades of being together, netizens were left bewildered to discover that the golden star couple have filed for divorce.

Rumors surrounding the couple allege that Carina Lau may have been cheating, as pictures surfaced with her kissing a male friend on the cheek, and taking walks with other men.  However, it is possible that she could just be spending time with friends and not cheating. Not to be left out, Tony Leung has also been the subject of rumors accusing him of impregnating another woman, with Carina Lau discovering his infidelity and forcing the mistress to abort the unborn child at five months.  Despite the chatter, no images of the supposed mistress have been seen.

Online discussions speculated on why the couple never had any children, with some pointing fingers at Leung and Lau's health issues. But, Leung retorted that both him and Lau have agreed never to have children prior to being married.  Additionally, another story being circulated online alleges that Tony Leung found a surrogate mother overseas to have his child, though the biological mother is not Carina.



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