The 34th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards opened in Xiamen, Ludao., and broadcast by CCTV-6. The event is for honoring best Chinese language films which presented during 2020–2021. 

Highlights from the show:

  • Best Feature Film: Island Keeper
  • Best Direction: Zhang Yimou-Cliff Walkers
  • Best Actor: Zhang Yi-Cliff Walkers
  • Best Actress: Zhang Xiaofei-Hi, Mom
  • Best Art Film: White Snake 2: The Green Snake
  • Best Foreign Language Film: Father Trapped in Time

Awards List:

  1. Best Feature Film
  2. Best Medium and Small Cost Feature Film
  3. Best Children's Film
  4. Best Documentary/Science and Educational Film
  5. Best Opera Film
  6. Best Art Film
  7. Best Foreign Language Film.
  8. Best Screenplay
  9. Best Director
  10. Best Actor
  11. Best Actress
  12. Best Supporting Actor
  13. Best Supporting Actress
  14. Best Photography
  15. Best Art
  16. Best Music
  17. Best Recording
  18. Best Editing
  19. Best Director Debut Award
  20. Special Jury Prize


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