Dutch influencer Rianne Meijer, a TikTok star with over 94,000 followers accused a Chinese TV show, Summer Again 薄荷之夏, of using one of her photos without permission. Meijer alleged the show edited her face out of the picture and replaced it with the series' star, Li Borong.  Meijer wrote in a comment on TikTok that she learned about her photo being used because a "girl who was watching the show and recognized the picture" sent her a direct message on Instagram to alert her. 

Meijer jokingly said, “They look good together, it’s fine!” seemingly unfazed by what they have done. The show’s production team sent Meijer an apology, and Meijer replied that it’s “all good,” adding: “They are so sweet and this gave us a good laugh.” They didn't say whether it was iQiyi employees or "Summer Again" production team that has apologized. The show was produced by Xi'an Qujiang Film and TV and Aim Media Pictures.

The Chinese netizens didn't take it as well as Meijer though. Some netizens on Weibo said they found it “embarrassing.” One user questioned why the TV series needed to steal someone’s portrait:

“Couldn’t the production team even find a foreign guy to take a picture?” one wrote.

Another netizen wrote: “This is the reality of our global village,” one wrote. "You’d think nobody would find out, but it’s really not so secret!”


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