This super popular variety show "Street Dance of China 3 这! 就是街舞3" has just ended its season and picked their winner. This show gives the floor to talented performers to show off their diverse street dancing skills. They are teamed up with super popular music celebrities Wallace Chung (钟汉良), Lay Zhang (张艺兴), Jackson Wang (王嘉尔), and Wang Yibo (王一博). 

It is sad to be allowed to pick only one winner, because if you followed the show then you would come to the conclusion that they are all very talented. The Winner was Yang Kai who was mentored by artist Wang Yibo. 

**Certain fans were angered because the show pitted two members of the same team to go against each other, which was perceived as being very unfair.
-BuoBoo Vx Yan Kai, which both were under Wang Yibo's team. 

Despite all the dislikes and accusations, Yan Kai and Wang Yibo emerged victorious!

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