Jackie Li, who has changed her name on all her social media profiles to Yoko Ramu is a mainland Chinese actress who has played many supporting roles. However, the actresses' first lead role will be with Hong Yi in the new historic drama, "The Legendary Life of Queen Lau 我叫刘金凤". Many netizens have called for a boycott of the show because of the strong, pro-Japanese theme that runs througout the entire film. Some netizens have claimed that the new production has all the makings of a Japanese drama, and unless one knew of its origins in advance would never suspect it to be a Chinese-made film. Netizens stated that Yoku's appearance in the movie, with her round face and Japanese outfits have made her look entirely Japanese, making references to her outfit being more like a Japanese kimono than a Chinese hanfu. Hongyi's gown was covered with Japanese cherry blossoms and chrysanthemum patterns. The hats that the eunuchs wore were similar to the Japanese-style tassel crown, and not at all what the Chinese would have worn. There was also a scene where Yoko was eating what appeared to be sushi and a chirashi bowl. Because of all this, it is rumored that they have removed the drama from streaming because of all the Japanese cultural references from their costumes to the foods.

This has caused many netizens to turn against Yoko Ramu. It is suspected to have begun with Jackie changing all her social media profiles to reflect a Japanese nickname. Then there waas the fight she had with Li Xueqin on the second season of a variety show "Wonderland; 50KM Taohuawu" where they were both fighting over Guo Qilin. The two ladies started off by saying how they love Guo Qilin, when suddenly the fighting started and Guo Qilin tried to step in and stop the fight only to be dragged into it. Song Dandan (being the mother for the variety show) belittles Wang sulong and Li Xueqin on the show and favors toward Yoku Ramu. Song Dandan named and praised Yoko and stated that all the success is because of Yoko. It was meant that all the other cast/ stars were chop liver. Li Xueqin stood up and stated that people shouldn't "snatch" up jobs. The word "snatch" got Song Dandan highly upset and Li Xueqin raised her hand and slapped herself. Many netizens scolded Song Dandan and some has said that slap should have landed on Song Dandan's face. Many netizens also took it one step further to go onto Yoko's social medias to scold her.




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