A Hong Kong singing show contestant, Nathan Ngai, 26-year-old found himself in a distressing situation on March 18 when he attempted suicide. This tragic event unfolded amidst a backdrop of online hate directed at him due to his new relationship, which emerged just three months after the heartbreaking loss of his ex-girlfriend, Jessie. Nathan rose to fame through his participation in ViuTV's King Maker V, but his life took a dark turn following Jessie's tragic passing last year, which was the result of a fall from a building. Jessie was very young and her death was very tragic.

The public's perception of Nathan soured further when details emerged about his financial dealings with Jessie prior to her death. This negative spotlight not only tarnished his reputation but also had a detrimental impact on his career. Fortunately, authorities intervened on March 18 after receiving a distress call and located Nathan unharmed near a sewage treatment plant following his suicide attempt.

The public response to Nathan Ngai's suicide attempt has been marked by a mix of concern, empathy, and reflection on the challenges faced by individuals in the public eye. Following Nathan's distressing incident, there has been an outpouring of support and calls for mental health awareness. Netizens have engaged in discussions about the pressures and struggles that come with fame, highlighting the importance of providing support to those navigating similar challenges. Additionally, there has been a focus on destigmatizing mental health issues and encouraging open conversations to promote well-being and prevent such tragic events in the future.


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