During concert for Mirror at the Hong Kong Coliseum on July 2022, a major accident occurred. The famous Hong Kong Cantopop boy band Mirror consisting of twelve Chinese male artists were performing on stage, until a massive video screen that was suspended up above the stage came tumbling down hitting two back-up dancers. Anson Lo and Edan Lui was performing with a dozen dancers on the stage, then the huge screen fell from above hitting one back-up dancer, Li Mo over the head and body, then toppling over another performer Cheung close by. All the other performers on stage rushed over to help. 

Police reported that at 10:36pm, two male back-up dancers were sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. One of the dancers was not badly hurt, the other in serious condition but stable. The poor man is still fighting for his life.

There were complications both on stage and off stage as well, three female audience members were also injured during the incident. One was sent to the same hospital, the other two didn't require medical treatment, but all three were injured due to shock.

Mirror's manager, Wong Wai Kwan, stepped on stage to calm people down and apologize for what had happened. She pleaded for the audience to leave the coliseum so that the staff can focus on the injured.

Concert organizer, Music Nation, will fully refund everyone that had purchased tickets for that day's concert in addition to the concert days after that were canceled.

There is something that must be done, because on the Tuesday prior to this accident, Franki Lui (member of Mirror) lost footing on stage and fell off the edge while talking to the audience. There are currently over 13k online signatures from beloved fans requesting for organizers to ensure safety for not just the bands, but for everyone off and on stage. 



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