It is sad, yet another young person taking their own life. Haruma Miura who has been acting since the age of seven, and best known for his role as protagonist Eren Yeager on "Attack on Titan", "Eien no Zero", "Kimi ni Todoke" and "Bloody Monday".  

After failing to show up at work, his manager went to check up on him at around 1pm. There his manager found Haruma, having apparently hung himself to death. Along with his body, they discovered a note he left in his room. 

His death came as a shock, and surprised to many who loved him, because he had a whole life ahead of him. Only a mere three days prior, Haruma posted on Instagram encouraging his fans to watch his next drama "Love Will Begin".  He was a very talented artist, beginning his acting career at only age seven on the NHK drama Agri in 1997. Miura was also a founding member of boy band "Brash Brats" along with his fellow classmates.

It is sad we lost another one of our favorite Asian artists. National Suicide Prevention Line, 1-800-273-8255 

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