Jackson Wang 8 Tattoos & Meaning Behind them

On August 2020, Jackson was on the edition of SuperElle magazine in China where it showcased his tattoos. 

1) On his right shoulder is a Chinese character '福' (luck) - Jackson states: “Every year, during Chinese New Year, we would paste this character upside down to symbolize that luck is here -- it's our culture.
“So I put this on and the direction is towards my head so luck is always on me.”

 2) On his right arm is an illustration of a lantern that Jackson said reminded him of a mid-Autumn Festival when he was 7 or 8 years old. - Jackson state: “When I went to the park in the afternoon, all the other kids carried a lantern except for me, my brother and parents didn't prepare it and I didn't plan on celebrating it either.
“When I got home, I saw dishes and moon cakes on the table and lots of lanterns.

“When I saw all of that, I immediately cried.

"In my heart, I wanted a lantern too but I told myself that it's alright."

3 &4) On each forearm is a Zodiac sign one for each of his parents. -a Rat for his mom and a Rooster for his dad.

5 & 6) On his left arm there is a logo of Singapore Youth Olympics rings and a fencing sword to symbolize him as a champion fencer (2010 first time he joined).

7 & 8) On his left abdomen there is a statement "TEAM WANG: LET'S MAKE HISTORY" and  "COOKIES"

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