Huang Xiaoming (age 44) and Angelababy (age 32) officially announced their divorce on January 28, ending their six-year marriage.  Angela Yeung aka Angelababy posted a message on Weibo: “Thanks for everything in the past. We’ll still be family in the future.”

The divorce was peaceful, the two having settled upon an agreement that there would be no division of assets, no fight over the custody of their son, and no bad-mouthing each other. They plan on raising their five-year-old son together.

The couple have lived separately for two years, and made attempts to reconcile for the sake of their son.  However, in the end they decided that an amicable divorce with little drama would be the best decision. Angelababy quipped that she would refrain from telling their son they are divorced until she feels he is mature enough to process the situation.


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