The Golden Eagle Goddess 金鹰女神 name was chosen in 2006 where the audience voted for on their official poll. This ceremony is held every two years to acknowledge the excellence of female actresses in the Chinese television / film industry. The lucky lady gets to wear a golden dress to perform the opening act at the China Golden Eagle TV Arts Festival, which precedes to the actual awards ceremony.  Since 2016, the winners has always been decided by a professional jury. 

The past Golden Eagle Goddesses: 2006 - Liu Yifei, 2008 - Li Xiaolu, 2010 - Wang Luodan, 2012 - Liu Shishi, 2014 - Zhao Liying, 2016 - Tang Yan aka Tiffany Tang, 2018 - Dilraba Dilmurat 迪丽热巴, 2020 - Song Qian aka Victoria Song


  • Angelababy
  • Yang Zi 
  • Guan Xiaotong
  • Tan Songyun
  • Gulinazha 
  • Li Qin
  • Wu Jingyan
  • Jiang Shuying
  • Li Yitong 

Rumor has it that they have nailed it down to two starlets, Yang Zi for her roles on  "Female Psychologist", "The Oath of Love" "Go Go Squid", and Gulinazha for her roles on Feng Qi Neon Clothes", "Twelve Tan" and "Storm Dance".


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