EVERGLOW's Yiren is said that she is going home to China to spend time with her family and for schooling. On January 9, EVERGLOW's agency stated that - EVERGLOW will temporarily be promoting with five members and carry out their schedule as planned without Yiren.

 This seems kinda of weird that this happen right after and event that took place on January 2, where girl group held a fan meeting in light of their 3rd mini album 'Return of the Girl' promotions. At the event all members except Yiren got down on their hands and knees to respectfully greet their fans for the New Year. Yiren (the only Chinese member of the group) did the traditional Chinese respectful greeting by putting her hands together and 

Out of the 6 EVERGLOW members, 5 of them bowed down to fans on their hands and knees in the traditional Korean greeting of keun jeol. However, member Yiren, the team's only Chinese member did not bow in the Korean method, and instead greeted fans with a traditional Chinese greeting while standing and putting one's hands together moving them up and down.

This event while was hugely praised by the Chinese, it took an opposite effect on the Koreans. Most of the Chinese are proud of her for keeping her tradition, but most Koreans saw it as Yiren being to proud to show respect the Koreans. Some Koreans even stated for her to "go back to her own country." 

That statement is very hurtful and the same time did that also send a message that they will force Yiren to leave not just the South Korea but also from the K-pop group?

But, whatever the reason might be, these two events do sound fishy...






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